So Many Questions.. Sorry In Advance!

Wow! Thank you so much for all the replies! This place is the best! :smiley: My list of snacks to try is getting long and they all sound so yummy! My DH says he has had Dole Whip in DL before is it the same?

I booked my trip through Small World Vacations. Can I still do online check-in or does my TA have to?

We have free passes to DQ because we have a package booked so maybe we will check it out if there is time. DH read through your responses with me and he isn’t as excited about it hahaha. He says he would rather ride RnR again instead on our “free day” hahaha.

@bswan26 what are the signature restaurants? It is our honeymoon so that sounds like a good adult activity!

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Signature Restaurants are the ones that require 2 table service meal credits per person. Page 9 of lists all of the Signature Restaurants.

Here are the signature restaurants:

California Grill (Contemporary Resort), Jiko (Animal Kingdom Lodge), Citricos and Narcoossee’s (both at the Grand Floridian Resort), Le Cellier and Monsieur Paul (both in Epcot), Flying Fish (Boardwalk Inn), Yachtsman Steakhouse (Yacht Club), Hollywood Brown Derby (Hollywood Studios).

Of course the “best of the best” is the 5-star Victoria and Albert’s in the Grand Floridian

Having eaten at all of these except for Yachtsman, I would rate my top 3 Cali Grill, Jiko, and Mon Paul, in that order. Every meal I’ve had at any of them has been excellent.

V&A is in a category all by itself. The 2 dinners that I’ve had there are among the best I’ve had ANYWHERE in 30 years of “gourmet dining” all around the country, but the steep cost makes them kind of “bucket list” options…

OOPS - I missed Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge on my list. How could I have done that? I ate there 2 weeks ago and had what might have been the most perfectly prepared salmon that I have EVER had (and I lived in the PNW for 3 years)…

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Lots of great answers, so I’ll stick to food!

Mama Melrose: all pasta dishes are great- do you have the Fantasmic package? If so, you’ll get a ton of food plus reserved seating for the show! Sci-Fi is super fun, but I’d stick to burgers and simpler fare. The milkshakes rock! BoG is my favorite restaurant, and while I love everything on the menu, I highly recommend the steak and “waiter special”- Mac & Cheese in place of steak fries!

Happy dining!

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We also have dinner reservations at BOG, Mamas, Sci Fi and Rose and Crown if anyone has recommendations for those places![/quote]

I sorta skipped over the specific places you mentioned eating. At Be Our Guest, whatever you order, leave room for dessert. The cupcakes are really good (the strawberry one is even more delicious than the grey stuff). At Mama Melrose’s I enjoyed my chicken parmigiana and shared a flatbread appetizer that was very good. Haven’t eaten at Sci-Fi in a long time, except for a Star Wars breakfast last year, so can’t offer much except to warn you the seating area is weird (you face the screen, not the person you’re dining with), but is worth trying if you like cheesy old movies. As for Rose and Crown, I just listened to a WDW Radio podcast about the restaurant from January 2014 and it made me want to eat there on my next trip (though, we’ve already made ADRs, so that’s probably not gonna happen):