Snagged CL YC for $401 a night!

Never stayed CL but just snagged YC CL for $401 a night. Going with my sister and teen daughters for 5 nights.I have been searching Google and nothing recent as far pictures or what is offered at lounge. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated :smile:

How did you manage that???!

Yes. How? Awesome price.

I love the staff at the YC. Will you purchase the extra FPs? There should be pastries, yogurt, cereal , oatmeal and other light breakfast items in the morning. Mid day should be “ snack” , appetizer around five and desserts later.

We are staying the end of May to the beginning of June I was able to get the 40% off because I am an AP and they tagged it with the sun and fun discount. And the main Disney page I want to special offers and there is a 40% off passholder special. And our dates qualified. They still have yacht club listed for that price. Beach club and BWI discount too.

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Not sure about extra FastPasses . Have you done it? Are you allowed to only purchase extra for the kids and not yourself? Or does everyone on the reservation has to purchase together.
Thanks for the offerings info. We are hoping to hit breakfast and late night desserts for sure.

You have to purchase the extra FPs for at least 3 days but you do not need to purchase them for everyone. I have not done this. Planning 6 hours of FPs may be fun.

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I did it last trip! It was nice if you are hopping because your CL fast pass can be at a different park and no tier restrictions! We did find our kids didn’t last our last day to use our extra FP— so that was too bad. But it was nice to have them! And you book at 90 so you have your pick of times for everything.


Very tempted. Do you think that it is better value than Disney After Dark?

Hmm I’m
Not sure sounds like people get a ton of rides by doing DAH. So Dah might be better. Dah wasn’t happening for me with a 2 and 5 year old. And I was just trying to minimize all lines.

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Thank you.

Do you get to book all your fastpasses at 90 days? Or just the extra purchased ones?

All 6!


Yes all of them… it’s pretty good

How much is DAH? The CL FPs for 3 adults for the minimum 3 days are $450 total. Just wondering how that compares with DAH but I cant find a price.

Regular price is $125. The AP//DVC discount is $95. There is also tax- of course. Three DAH tickets with the discount was about $303 if I remember correctly.


A dilemma!

It’s 90 days from checkout day, not check in which is a bit weird but still well ahead of 60 days.

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You can get extra FPs for free though. Even FOP you can get same day. I could see it being useful on a short trip to maximise your time, but not on a longer trip.


Thank you. Sensible advice. It is so easy to get carried away.