Smocked dresses-

This is for the girl mama’s! Where do y’all like to purchase your little princesses Disney attire from? I’m talking smocked dresses, embroidered short sets, monograms and such! I like Stichy Fish, Cecil & Lou, The Best Dressed Child and Smocked Auctions! Would love to add some more to the list~

This used to be my go-to when girls were young-

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Looks like they are closed now :disappointed:

I’m so sad that my youngest was 8 when we moved to SC. We didn’t get much smocked clothing in NY and now… it’s too late…

They grow up too fast :weary:

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For Disney attire, I like I don’t think they have smocked dresses, but they have other cute dresses. Lots are costume-like and some are more daily wear. All tend to be comfortable and washable, though, which are key for us!

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My girls used to get all their fancy dresses from their too. So sad it’s closed!

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Toy Cowgirl Dress - Pre-Order - Ships end of February!-LA121 (

I have to get this for DD almost 9! I’ve never seen this site! Thank you!!!


Hiiii fellow classic clothing loving girl mama!!! My mom smocks and I spend wayyyy too much on my daughter’s beaufort bonnet and shrimp and grits stuff.
Best bet is benoit and matisse or buy stuff that can be embroidered. My mom did the CUTEST Pooh embroidery on a yellow jo jo maman dress.

But I gotta be honest, in the parks, she wears tees and shorts. :woman_shrugging: it’s just too hot and I try to pack light always so we all dress down at wdw


Agreed! I love BB & Shimp and Grits!

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