Single Day Solo Trip Plan

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Context: Never been to DL or DCA but I’m starting to plan out a solo single day trip to tack onto the back end of a business trip to LA. Looking for any feedback. Pretty well accustomed to everything I know from WDW. I’m planning on a single Friday Tier 6 all out pass (G+, ILL$, Park hop to DCA in afternoon.) Thanks all.

Goal: Do the attractions I’ve not seen before or are unique to DL/DCA vs WDW.


  • Likely Hours: 8am-12am
  • Transport: Uber in Hotel in walking distance
  • ILL$ on Guardians & Radiator Springs Racers

Must do attractions (DL):

  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Monsters, Inc Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin [Will be closed]
  • Space Mountain
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (thanks @lolabear_la ) [Will be closed]
  • Snow White’s Adventure
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Alice in Wonderland (thanks @lolabear_la )
  • Pinocchio (thanks @lolabear_la )

Must do attractions (DCA):

  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Incredicoaster
  • Monsters, Inc Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure Now Single Rider line!


  • DL: Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (If time permits)
  • DL: ‘it’s a small world’ (If time permits)
  • DL: Jungle Cruise


  • RotR
  • Smugglers Run


  • Pyms Kitchen is worth it.
  • Pirates DL is better than Pirates WDW [Thanks @Ms.BarbsWildRide ]
  • Grabbing LL passes for Park hop will bump to 1pm [Thanks @lizzieanne771 ]
  • Single Rider DL: Matterhorn, Splash, Smugglers
  • Single Rider DCA: GRR, IC, GSS, RSR, web slingers


  • Arrive for rope drop at (T-1hr) via Uber?
  • Is DL or DCA better to start at?
  • G+ first pick is at Gate Entry?
  • When to leave DCA to reach LAX airport for flight (late night)?
  • Am I missing any rides?
  • Best food Recommendations that aren’t sit down?

Someone else just recently did this (first time trip) and G+ really had them jumping through hoops. I would not rely too heavily on G+.
Maybe @lizzieanne771 can chime in a bit. I believe she just got back a couple weeks ago.
Edit: I don’t remember what their must dos were, just remember it was recommended to adjust expectations for 1 day 2 parks plan.

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Good tip. G+ was hit and miss at WDW. I figured DL is quite small so running around might be less of a problem.

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It depends on your priorities, especially now that you can’t hop until 1pm. I’m still learning the best way to tour with that hopping limitation (we would freely hop over and back and then over again as early as 20-30 min. after park opening so the restriction until 1pm really bites. But personally I always tend to feel that ‘home’ feeling seeing the castle and walking down Main Street so I always love starting off with that feeling (except that for our next two drips we have our first day at DCA for as much Avengers Campus action right off the bat as possible bc it’s become one of our favorite parts). I do feel that there is better nighttime ambiance at DCA though (Carsland, Avengers Campus and even Pixar Pier are all so enjoyable at night, so worth spending some good evening time there- the downside though is that I think you get a better ROI on time savings by rope-dropping DCA).

Yes. You seem to be a fan of Disney Dark rides judging by this list so I can straight away see that Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Pirates (is it be refurbed while you are there? I do think it has a refurb coming up soon-ish) are missing. But otherwise, a great list!

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Thanks! I missed Alice and Pinocchio(honestly I didn’t know it existed)!, I heard Pirates was worse than WDW, so I left it off in the interest of time.

I think most of my must dos are in DL so that would make the most sense to start at.


This intel is suspect as the DL version is (subjectively) regarded as better by more people than not. Objectively it is almost double the ride time, and has two drops. And starts by meandering past the Blue Bayou restaurant at the bayou starting scene. So I would definitely include it for the comparison.


Hmm may have to reconsider.


I would. DLR version of Pirates is far superior (imho). I have only heard a small fraction of people say WDW is the better version. Ride it (if you can) and decide for your self.


I just finished a solo trip to DL/DCA, but I gave myself 5 days (well, 6…but the primary reason for the 6th was fireworks).

I also don’t do plans - I really tried once and pitched them all in the recycle bin 30 minutes in - I need to be able to be spontaneous and not tied to a plan.

But my main method for prioritizing things was:

  • if it is just like at WDW it was a SKIP (Galaxy’s Edge would have been anyway for me; Dumbo since other than the only having one set of elephants; Soarin’)
  • if it is similar (Small World, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise), I’d do it

I made sure I was towards the front of the security line which usually opened around 7:15 (but I’d aim to be there by 6:45, 7 at the latest), then got as close to the front of a line at the turnstiles - once they opened the gates, the CM would usually go ahead and scan in the first few people in each line. As soon as I was scanned in, I got my first G+ thing - if I started in DL, I knew I was hopping later, so I’d grab something in DCA (usually Mission: Breakout) which would bump to 1pm. I’d then hit other rides at rope drop (Webslingers without having to buy a ILL, Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Pirates). Two hours after I’d grabbed my first LL pass I’d see what was available in the park I was in and either grab something I wanted to do if the return time was not horrible OR I’d grab something that was down but had a close return time as if it was not up by the opening of the window it would convert to a multi-experience LL (and you can find what those can be used on by clicking on “Manage” and then "See what you can use it on). I managed quite a few of the meLLs each day that way. If I was starting in DCA, I’d line up at the entrance that had the Carsland/Avengers Camput split and be on the far left so I could immediately funnel into WebSlingers - as soon as my ticket was scanned in I’d grab usually Goofy’s Sky School as per what I’d learned from locals who go frequently is the most common ride to be down at the opening of the day. Once it was up but IncrediCoaster was not, so I managed to cancel the GSS and grab IC which almost instantly converted to meLL (and repeated that a few times), then I’d hit Guardians, and go from there.

Single Rider at Radiator Springs Racers is the way to go with that. The cars are like Test Track, so almost every car gets one or two single riders.


I’ll say Ive toyed with a 2 day plan for DL, skipping similar enough attractions from WDW, never been, and PotC would be a must do for me because it’s decidedly different from the original, from everything I’ve read.


And honestly, unless you’re really wanting time off your feet, Monsters and Roger Rabbit can easily be skipped IMHO.

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If they have soaring over CA, I would do it. That is my preferred version and they bring it back periodically over here. Otherwise it would be a skip for me.


These are some protips! Thanks.

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You’re welcome!

I will say, over on DIS Boards in the Disneyland section there are some fabulous tips - definitely helped me with things.

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They are bringing it back during their food festival - I would have done that if they had started it earlier. But I was not doing World when I can see a bent Eiffel Tower on the East Coast.


I know! I was suppose to be there this weekend (today actually) and we had to postpone our trip and I was heart broken for this very reason.

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Just means you need to plan to come before the end of the festival! I am thrilled the Cali version is back and we may just may be able to get another weekend trip in before the festival ends and I’m hoping so, specifically to try and catch it the Cali version another time.

The real one isn’t a C-shape? [sarcasm font]


I was planning to do this in Jan—also East Coaster, also heading out there for work— before my trip was cancelled. (I have the tix though, so I’m planning to head out there later this year.)

Anyway, that’s a long way of saying: I haven’t done this yet, so pleas take all of this with a grain of salt! But, what I kept hearing was: single rider is your friend, far more than in WDW. I was planning to RD a big ride (likely Indy, maybe Space now that SR is out), scoot over to the Fantasyland dark rides, and then alternate G+ with SR once the crowds started to build. I was hoping to then stack some things over at DCA, and head that way.

For snacks: churros and beignets seem to be all the rage. My trip was going to be two days, so I had some TS stuff planned, but I had also earmarked Jolly Holiday in DL and Cozy Cone/festival booths in DCA.

Hope this helps!


Oh, sorry, one more thing! I compared our lists of rides, and they’re super similar. One exception: if you’re a Marvel fan at all, it’s worth it to prioritize the shows there. They’re all quite short, and the characters are really what make Avengers Campus shine, so I’m told. (And both Pym’s and the shawarma place there also seem to be solid QS choices.)


Absolutely if you’re at all a Marvel fan go to Avengers CAMPUS!

Things to be aware of with the shows…the Spider-Man one and the Dora Milaje one are only during the day. Avengers Assemble goes until about twilight - same for Awesome Dance-Off. The Dr. Strange show is excellent, and if you’re there more than one day see it in the afternoon and again after dark - there are some differences. All but Dr. Strange are just gather and watch. Dr. Strange is sitting on the ground or standing against the walls - but you’re going to have to commit to being in line no later than 30 minutes before the start (and that could be late depending on crowd levels).

Pym is fabulous - both the Test Kitchen and the Taste Lab. The shawarma “place” is actually 2 carts - the one closest to Mission: Breakout usually has the shorter line. There is overflow seating for Pym or you can use it for shawarma behind the cart closest to M:B.