Simon's 34 day itinerary, your thoughts please!

Hi everyone,

In just three weeks we're flying over from little England to our first ever family holiday in the US, and boy we are making the most of it.

Due to various family circumstances we have a one-off chance to take an extended trip (wife and I, DS18, DD16 and DS10) so we're actually in the States for 7 weeks, and have nearly five weeks in Orlando.

We’ve very kindly been given a villa to use about 40 minutes from the parks. As Brits we’ve been able to get the 21 day Disney pass, as well as the 14 day Universal and Seaworld passes.
So hopefully it’s a bit of an unusual challenge for the experts to ponder as most trips don’t get to be this long! How would you make the most of it?

We're huge Disney fans, but only ever been to DLP.

Once the first few days are done and we’ve been to each of the parks most of the following days I’ve booked early FPPs with the plan to make the most of extras as I’ve learned here, and also to use the waterparks for an afternoon break, if we fancy returning later in the day too.

In general I’ve organised which parks we pick using TP and Undercover tourist’s recommendations. Mostly we’re avoiding the parks at weekends, but sometimes special events change that.

I'd love your thoughts on how our itinerary is shaping up and any changes you'd suggest or ways to improve it
Thank you!

Date Park Notes
Tuesday, 26 February Rest, shopping and preparation
Wednesday, 27 February Magic Kingdom 9am RD through to evening extra magic hours if we aren’t exhausted
Thursday, 28 February Epcot then Animal Kingdom Future World EMH then drive to AK for FOP fastpass and evening
Friday, 1 March Epcot World Showcase 10am start World Showcase focused day
Saturday, 2 March Hollywood Studios Later morning start through to evening
Sunday, 3 March Blizzard Beach, minigolf then DS then AK Blizzard beach, mini-golf Disney Springs then AK for FoP fastpass
Monday, 4 March Rest Day Back up FPPs booked in case of changed plans
Tuesday, 5 March Magic Kingdom Rope drop to when we’ve had enough
Wednesday, 6 March AK break at BB AK Ropedrop for FoP, afternoon break at Blizzard Beach
Thursday, 7 March MK and hotels and golf Monorail resort visits and MK
Friday, 8 March Epcot RD Afternoon break at Blizzard Beach, perhaps HS evening
Saturday, 9 March Kennedy Space Centre
Sunday, 10 March Rest day
Monday, 11 March Blizzard beach if we fancy it HS FPP booked in case we fancy it after BB
Tuesday, 12 March Magic Kingdom Later start
Wednesday, 13 March Animal Kingdom Alternative is go see Rocket Launch at Cape Canaveral
Thursday, 14 March Hollywood Studios Aquatica in the afternoon (Seaworld 14 days kicks off)
Friday, 15 March Busch gardens
Saturday, 16 March Discovery Cove AK FPP booked if fancy afterwards
Sunday, 17 March Typhoon Lagoon - DS/MK for St Patrick’s Typhoon Lagoon opens after refurb - Disney Springs for St Patrick’s Day?
Monday, 18 March Universal Studios RD - Harry Potter focused TP
Tuesday, 19 March Epcot AM - Typhoon Lagoon PM?
Wednesday, 20 March Magic Kingdom Final day of our Disney tickets - MK to close it out
Thursday, 21 March Universal Studios/IOA Possible break at Volcano Bay
Friday, 22 March Seaworld Seven Seas Food Festival
Saturday, 23 March Busch Gardens Food and wine festival and concerts
Sunday, 24 March Rest day
Monday, 25 March Universal Studios/IOA Possible break at Volcano Bay
Tuesday, 26 March Seaworld second day Possible break at Aquatica
Wednesday, 27 March Busch gardens Third day if wanted
Thursday, 28 March Universal Studios/IOA Possible break at Volcano Bay
Friday, 29 March
Saturday, 30 March Packing and tidy up
Sunday, 31 March Universal Studios/IOA Final day

Wow, I am SO jealous !!! :smiley:


I know, I’m sorry! We just figured if we’re doing to do this, let’s DO IT!


It’s just too long for me to even get my head around. I don’t think I could plan it. Just 3 weeks, no problem. We do WDW, UOR, SW and BG in 2 weeks so it would be nice to have a bit more time. But 5 weeks?! I can’t even cope.

LOL I know! Welcome to my happy problem! By taking the weekends out in a way we’ve narrowed it down, but still… it’s kinda mind-melting.

I guess a good question is, if you had THIS long, how would you use it? What would you do differently from just cramming in as much as you can?


Personally, I would find a few days to go relax on a beach, swim in the ocean, that sort of thing. Maybe a couple of days in Cocoa Beach since you’re going all the way to Kennedy Space Centre ?


Would Cocoa beach be a good one to watch a rocket launch from? I noticed there’s one in the middle of March.
We’d planned to get to Anna Marie island which we’ve heard rave reports from at some of the weekends, but would love other recommendations!


Worn out.

I need a nap!


Those are some of my thoughts. I mean, granted, it sounds like a wonderful trip. I just don’t know if I could tolerate that much non-stop fun!



It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.
If it makes you feel any better my wife and I will be working while out there, we’re lucky enough to have jobs that are pretty mobile. We’ve allowed ourselves 3 weeks flagged as holiday, and then we’ll have to start replying to some of those pesky emails.


Yeah I think Anna Maria Island and the Gulf beaches in general are nicer but the drive is twice as long and since you’re going east anyway, I am not sure how good a time investment it is. We thought Cocoa Beach was perfect for a short getaway, in the WDW context. You have more time so maybe it’s worth it to go west too ?

Here’s what a launch looks like from Cocoa Beach:

Playa Linda Beach is much closer to certain launch pads:

But Cocoa Beach has beachfront motels and restaurants, a pier, etc…while Playa Linda is sorta isolated (it’s in a national park I think). It depends on what you want and also on which launching pad they use.

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:rofl: Hope you have a blast! (during the 3 weeks; obviously not returning emails)

If you’re interested in watching a launch, I recommend checking frequently. Their Launch Schedule is very useful.

I’m so jealous of your long holiday!

Thanks Paul, didn’t know that resource, most appreciated. We’re going to the KSC but I hear actually going on a launch day isn’t a great idea. So if the kids get all fired up about that, we might make another trip and combine beach with see a launch. Where else do you get to do that?!

As beaches go, the Gulf of Mexico side has better beaches than the Atlantic side, IMO. But you have to decide based on the overall picture.

Yeah, my original trip idea last year (got canceled), was to do a beach day + launch as a break in the middle of the trip. My boys are obsessed with rockets!

Our villa is in Winter Haven so I think west coast is about the same for us. Clearwater Beach is about an hour and a half. My only worry with them is Red Tide at the moment.

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We (DD17, DS15 and me, my DH does not like Orlando so stays home) will be at Universal 3/27-30 so maybe we can say hi in the parks on Thursday, 3/28. Your trip looks amazing!

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Yay, that’d be great! You’re the first Liners I know of who’ll be there at the same time. Found out earlier we just miss @PrincipalTinker at the front end.

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This looks like an amazing trip! I didn’t see a RD planned for HS. If you think your kids would enjoy TSM more than once, RD is definitely the way to do that.
Also, I think I would personally miss Disney after your tickets end. Would you want a resort character meal one of those days or something else that would give you one last taste of Disney magic?

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I agree with @jflaff, maybe some non-theme park things in there like the beach.