Simon's 34 day itinerary, your thoughts please!

We’ve managed three TSM FPPs, but we’ll need a RD, SDFP or end of day for SDD definitely. (I remember when I had no idea what any of these acronyms meant, look what you’ve done to me…)
I definitely agree we’ll get Disney Blues once that ticket ends, but we’ll have managed each park about 4 times at least so hopefully it’ll be minimal.
Your idea on a later character meal is genius though! Our last day there is my youngest’s birthday, so the budget might just stretch to that.
We’re all huge Harry Potter fans too though so that’ll help I’m sure.
I wasn’t sure whether to put the Disney up front or at the end but ultimately we’re Disney fans at heart, and I couldn’t imagine our first day not being the Magic Kingdom.


Yes! We’re all about HP too! But we don’t want to drag a toddler around HP World, so we’re planning that trip for sometime when Grandma can watch him!
And I’d definitely want my first day at MK too, so I certainly don’t fault you there.

I’d probably do it exactly the same way and drop dead of exhaustion around the 25 day mark!

Looks like so much fun! I’m looking on my phone and would be much better on a larger screen. I don’t think you have two nights at HS? I suggest two evenings so you can take in both shows - SW fireworks and Fantasmic. Both worth seeing!

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Looks like you planned a great trip!! I like how you spaced everything very nicely with breaks.

I would definitely look into Cocoa Beach since you are so close to it anyway when you visit the Kennedy Space Center. We did a one day trip to KSC and Cocoa Beach while doing the Universal Parks 2 years ago in March. It was too cold to swim that day, so just keep in mind that some days in March might still be chilly.

I agree to make sure to have 2 nights in HS, you should see both night shows.

First question.

By my count your Disney days add up to a duration of 22 days. Did you manage to book FPs for Day 1 thru to the last MK day? If so, the validity of the 21 day ticket would seem to be 22 days.

I know in the past, there has been much debate over whether the 14 and 21 day tickets allowed an extra day, since they would be sold with a package of 14 or 21 nights respectively, thus giving a potential span of 15 or 22 days on which you could be at the parks.

To clarify, I’m meaning the length for which they are valid, not the no. of days you could use them for (those being obviously 14 and 21 days).

Thanks Nicky, well noticed! Latest reports are they are valid for 21 days from the first day, so yes, 22 days duration as long as you don’t use it for one whole day in there. I will be checking once we are there too.

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2 years ago I noticed that I could book 14 days of FPP over 21 days. we were only there for 8 days so I never kept the FPP, I was just playing on the system to see what would work.

With a 14 day ticket?

Oh I thought you could do both in the same evening, is that not the case?
Thank you, very useful!
There’s a few days which might work going from Epcot in the morning to HS for the evening, maybe use the boat as an added experience?
HS was the one I felt was going to need the least time of all the park

With so many days in the parks I wouldn’t plan any full days, but your kids are older and you probably have much more stamina than me. I would arrive before opening at the waterparks and then visit a park in the afternoon. I like value for money so I want to use my FPP’s everyday I can, but that policy on long trips is probably not a good idea. You know enough to adapt and change things on the go, so you will be fine.


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Ah OK. So it let you book the FPs. Interesting!

But I’m not sure the ticket would have been valid to use for park entry more than 14 days after the first day you used it.

I guess there’s no way to know for sure.

Challenge accepted!

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I guess this is probably variable depending on schedule but when we went last November they were at the same time so we could not see both in the same evening.

Usually can’t see both HS shows comfortably on the same night even if the schedule does not have them overlapping - the crowds are crazy after F! Try to get over to HS for another evening. I think your kids might like thrill rides there. Don’t shorten your time in Epcot. It deserves several days because it is so big and spread out.

Depends, we were there week before Christmas and we could. We saw Star wars Fireworks at 6pm I think, Fantasmic at 8pm and we could have waited to see Jingle bell jingle bam or something like that at 9pm. It probably needs to be busy enough to have 2 showings of fantasmic and get dark early.

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That’s an incredible trip @SimonUK!
With that much time I’d definitely build in beach time in the Gulf Coast / Clearwater area. You could even take in a baseball game. It’s spring training in many of the Gulf Coast towns. (most Brit’s hate baseball…but it might be worth a few hours)
You’ve got so much time, a drive down to Miami, and the Florida Keys isn’t out of the question.
As far as the parks go… you could just go and read a book on a quiet bench (not that there’s many of those…) I think they call the one day touring plan the Dumbo dash? You guys are doing the Eeyore crawl. lol. Hope you enjoy it!!

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Love it!

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Last year I started in St. Pete (where I was for a conference), and man that was a nice beach. It’s not that far of a drive from Orlando – the drive was maybe a little over an hour-ish? (We stopped at the fabulously corny Dinosaur World on the way to WDW). But it was a lovely place to be, a cute town, and I could see it being a nice respite from the nonstop fun of Disney World.

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