Shows at Hollywood Studios

I was looking at my touring plan yesterday (I cannot emphasize enough how much I love looking at/tweaking my touring plan. I’m having as much fun planning this trip as I expect to have actually on it. Possibly more) and realized that Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and Muppets 3D and Frozen might be too much sitting in a theatre for my active, short-attention-spanned little boys. Anybody have any advice about which one to consider skipping?

For reference:
They both went through a HUGE Frozen phase about a year ago but seem to be over it now. The older on in particular mutters darkly “I hate Frozen” when it comes up, but I think he’s just trying to be cool. (this makes me sad because we used to have a routine where I’d sing “It’s crazy, we finish each other’s-” and he would say “Sandwiches!” and I loved it and why do kids have to outgrow the cute things?)

I’m not sure they’ve ever seen the Little Mermaid all the way through. They have seen Beauty and the Beast, and seemed to enjoy it but didn’t demand we watch it 100 times in a row like we do with the Jungle Book.

Muppets 3D is non-negotiable because I love it.

It seems clear typing this that I’m thinking about dropping Frozen and am looking for support for this decision, but I am open to alternate suggestions.


When I was there I got bored during the Little Mermaid show, and I’m an adult with a reasonable attention span who liked Little Mermaid as a child, so… :slight_smile: Frozen is new since I was there, so I’m looking forward to seeing it this time!

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I would ditch Little Mermaid. Frozen is in a class of shows all by itself. You should do it at least once. BATB, I’ve seen it 3 times in 4 years, I might be able to skip it moving forward, but I think all BATB fans should see it at least once.

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I would keep Frozen. Honestly, besides Indy it was the show we enjoyed most when we were last there. Including my BIL, though he would never admit it now! I have also heard Little Mermaid is probably the weakest show in HS.

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Frozen is my favorite of these 4, by far. It’s so funny !!!

(I really like B&B and I don’t really care about the other 2.)

I would drop BATB or Little Mermaid or both. The BATB show is a fantastic condensed broadway-type show but it is outside, albeit covered, and kind of long for young kids IMO unless huge BATB fans. It also has only a few set show times. Little Mermaid is not nearly as good. It is indoors and short (15 min vs 25 for BATB). VOTM has a bunch of times so if you miss one, there will be another in a short time to fit in your plans if you need it.

Frozen is awesome–don’t drop that one!!

We were not impressed by Little Mermaid. Granted we hit it at the very end of the day on the way to Fantasmic! but Ariel was struggling to hit her notes and aside from the cool blacklight thing, there wasn’t that much “pop” to the show.

I’d ditch Little Mermaid. Also, Frozen sing along is hysterical but I’m not sure if little kids get that, and if they’re not onboard with the songs they may not enjoy it.

Frozen is a must, very funny for all.

Beauty and the Beast is a great show, but lil boys might not dig it totally.

Mermaid is a bit dated compared to newer shows.

Agree that Muppets are a must, for the nostalgia if anything.

My son and I “put up” with the Frozen show to induldge the mrs. Jr and I loved it. We thought it would be for hardcore Frozen fans. It is, but it also is not. Most reviews say it’s funny and great for everyone. It truly is. It is an absolute riot, and I’d bet my stars your kids will be laughing like everyone else. It’s basically a few people on stage narrating a condensed version of the Frozen story, and they make fun of it along the way, and go off track a few times telling the story. It was way better than I thought it would be. I wouldn’t skip it, and I wasn’t even a frozen fan.


I am now going to add Frozen to my plan (for two 60 year olds) based on responses here


Indy is a great idea for two boys. Lots of action, a bit loud in places but they won’t get bored for sure. I love it and wouldn’t contemplate not going!


Ok, I’m convinced! Frozen is back in, Little Mermaid is out. Thank you!


I would opt out of BATB with little boys. It’s basically a broadway show, and I think they would get bored with it, especially if not sitting in the front. I saw it with my nephews (ages 3 and 5), sitting nearer to the back and they didn’t watch it at all. We mostly wrestled them and tried to keep them from bothering the other guests.

They did tolerate Little Mermaid better. If you sit closer to the back you will be able to see more of the effects from the overhead lights. I thought the bubbles were cool too.

Just my two cents.

You know your boys best so don’t beat yourself up about. I’m in a similar position as you with 2 boys 5 and 7 and I also dropped Frozen. I’m sure it’s fun but just a lower priority

Although after reading the responses above I am rethinking my decision to drop Frozen. . .

Anyway here is how I prioritized the shows for my 2 boys:

  1. Muppets
  2. Disney Jr Dance Party
  3. Beauty
  4. Little Mermaid
  5. Frozen

I assume the Dance Party is age appropriate for boys 5 and 7 but if you think otherwise let me know.

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I’m also wondering about Disney Junior Dance Party for my 5 year old girl. Most of the stuff I have read mentions toddlers enjoying it. If anyone has been and recommends it, let me know! :slight_smile:

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My 4.5 year old son did not like Frozen at all, and especially the snow that dropped at the end. He did love the Muppet Show though. We didn’t see the others.

No Indy then? :frowning_face:

To be honest I didn’t give Indy much thought for this trip. Will save it for another if we ever go back.