Show me your Disney decor

So we’ve got a good Disney mugs thread going, but I want to see your other Disney decor! I have a feeling y’all have some good stuff in your houses…

This thread inspired by the package that showed up in the mail from one @Keith718 — my boyfriend is relieved it’s not another mug. (I might have too many mugs…)


We just redid our upstairs foyer to be a very subtle Star Wars themed gym and game room.

I’m very proud of it so thank you for an excuse to show it off.


Hey someone started a similar thread recently… check it out

I’m so proud of my work here that I’m happy to share a second time today as well. :smiley:


Love it! I’ve seen those posters and wondered where I could put them …

I’ve been working on a “Disney Corner” in our great room:
IMG_9036 IMG_9037


I have a Disney themed guest room:)
IMG_3211 IMG_3213


This is a bit random but somewhat related, but I just learned there are drift stores selling stuff from Disney resorts (and some furniture etc from parks too). Might be old news but I never even thought about where the old stuff goes.

Crazy to see the full YC lobby decor I most likely sat in as a child!


this is awesome, thanks for sharing. When my kids were younger they seemed to be really hard on furniture and my auntie being a designer always told me when hotels were getting rid of stuff, it was always good quality. We cleaned it well. No mattresses though… gross…

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I was looking at those lobby armchair pillows, they looked like they’ve seen plenty :joy:

The prices for used Disney stuff seemed awfully high too