Sharing Disney Christmas with our new family (a belated trip report)

I never planned on writing about my recent trip, but a few things happened that I wanted to share.

First, this trip started with two nights at GF. Over five years ago on my future DIL’s first trip we had a bad experience at AKL CL. In response, Disney refunded two of our three nights in the form of a voucher. I never intended to use that voucher, but this year I changed my mind and called Disney. On Saturday December 10th we checked into Boca Chica 8145

I think it had many of the same touches as the DVC Resort Studios

(Bathroom photos added for a chat thread)


The room had two patios, with two different views. View number 1:

View number two:


Night #1, AKL and Jiko


What is a Reis?

Sunday morning I woke up early and went for a walk.

I walked to MK. It was then I realized, “ I have an AP.” I made an APR and went in.


My new iPad’s auto correct. Thanks, I wouldn’t have noticed.

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Oh lol. Happy to help! I assumed it was a cultural celebration of some kind I was unfamiliar with :rofl:


We went to DS for brunch (after I stopped to buy myself some sneakers).

(New sneakers)


Yes, I must go to Wine Bar George every trip.


After brunch, we toured CR and Poly.

Then on to the party. I really didn’t take party pictures but we shared an old family tradition with Katie

Katie and I both took pictures from the fireworks viewing area in front of Casey’s.

My picture about 20 minutes before fireworks

This is Katie’s picture as she was sitting during the show


That is a gigantic fried egg! Also love the nearly empty MK pics. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Definitely not a great view.

Definitely makes up for view 1.


Where are the people at MK?!? It’s empty!!


Monday we moved to CC for one night:


We also visited Boulder Ridge


I love the EP area resorts at Christmas so we booked breakfast at A&C. I will say that the service was great but my son and I both got refrigerated breakfast potatoes with our eggs. They replaced them, and we will return. As a former breakfast cook, I know how it happens, but I will pay more attention to items that can be pre-cooked and warmed in the future (potatoes, bacon, ham to name a few).



We only went to MK (for the party) and EP during this trip.

I broke down and bought Genie+ because my son has never been on Remy and Katie wanted to do FEA. We knew we would not rope drop. I booked FEA for 7pm. When we arrived it had just gone down. To say that I was disappointed at these replacement options is an understatement

Not included


I should have known the last night of Josh Gad’s CP performances would be an issue. It was very poor planning on my part. We were not going to CP but at 8pm trying to get to any of the booths (our dinner plan) was almost impossible. At 8:15 I started looking for ADRs in the area. My son and I decided to break our “we are never going to Yachtsmen again” rule, and I grabbed an 8:45 ADR. Like all of our TS dining we shared entrees. At Yachtsmen we order one entree, two extra sides, and shared a dessert. I will say that unlike our first experience, the server was amazing. We were dressed in park cloths, sharing an entree, and she treated us like we were ordering the full menu. We did get drinks, so maybe she understood we were not trying to save money, but we will return. I think this is my only picture

It was also the only restaurant we made it to a shared dessert


We did not plan on leaving CC until around 12:30. We decided to eat at Shake Shack in terminal C but before we left WL we had some snacks and drinks at Geyser Point

They had started knocking on the door before 8am (I was out walking while my son and Katie were sleeping and we told them 11am. They knocked a few more times (there was no room occupied door hanger) and it seems like someone at the lodge checked us out (when I went to do it right before 11 I received a message it was already completed).


Service should never be dependent upon what you’re wearing or ordering. I’ve had it happen at Il Mulino last January that as soon as the server realized we weren’t going soup to nuts his whole demeanor changed and he was absolutely rude. Unacceptable. I’m glad you had a better experience at Yachtsman.

Still none of the service staff’s business. Unless it’s a pre fixe menu you are not held to any kind of minimum and the service should not change. I know you know this. I’m just soapboxing

I would be FURIOUS and I would let them know that. Both the person on the other side of the door and the manager