Sfl abbreviation?

Newbie here! Searched the forum and chats and can’t find it…what does “sfl” abbreviate for? Thank you!

That’s used in chat to indicate that they have nothing to contribute for now, but want to “save for later” to read the thread at their leisure,


Ah! Thank you SO much!

Welcome to the forum @danasharp8227!!

It’s also used where the thread has useful information to which the person posting “sfl” will want to refer at some point in the future. There’s no direct way to bookmark threads in the Lines app, so this is a way of doing that.

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Although it’s a useless way of doing it, because almost every chatter will soon have pages and pages and will never find it again.


As of today I am approaching 2800 pages in chat! I copy and paste links and important info into an Evernote app. That way I can search the information. A lot of people just use word docs too.

SFL used to be BFL (bump for later) until a liner got so mad at all the BFLs that he said some things to new liners and did BFL on lots of old threads, including some threads that included some threads that hurt people when that happened. It did not stop the practice, it just changed the B to a S.


@missoverexcited is right… they do get lost relatively quickly.

I use “SFL” only to book mark items I need to transfer over to my massive Excel spreadsheet, but don’t have my spreadsheet easily at my fingertips during that moment.

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I remember that! One of the many reasons I no longer use chat…


My experiences of chat were almost uniformly negative. It’s bizarre how different it is to these forums. It’s chock full of people complaining about how awful everything is and being angry.

I love chat! There is the odd thread that goes south but I would never say it was uniformly negative. I haven’t seen one go bad in a while.

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I see them go bad quite often. Lots of opinions and people forget to use their filters. I still like Chat and use it often.

I’m more referring to threads like “OMG my vacation was ruined because all Disney hotel rooms are infested with bed bugs” or “OMG my vacation was ruined because armed security staff burst into my room, woke me up and killed my children” or “OMG my vacation was ruined because someone cut in line and stole all my savings”.

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I have been struggling with linking a reservation to my MDE account. It could not be fixed. So what did I do? I went into my Evernote app, went to “trip” ( I think I created that note 10 years ago) and found this:

Liner Daily Tip #68: Having problems with MDE, MB, and/or FPP? Call WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357

Problem solved!


Glad to be of service! :smiley:

All the LDTs are on the Forum as well - no Chat required:


Disneyland chat seems very positive. Really nice, helpful, fun people there.


This - I have over 2,700 of them…

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