September 10, 2017 ANIMAL KINGDOM Planning

Hey guys! I just decided that I will be going to Animal Kingdom on September 10th!!!

My best friend from high school just moved to Daytona, FL last week. So I’m going to see her from the 7th-11th. I’m beyond excited to go see her beucase I have not seen her for almost 2 years now. Since she is only an hour from Orlando I had to drop the Disney question… and she said yes! I picked Animal Kingdom because I’m dying to see Pandora!

When I went to Disney last November Pandora and Rivers of Light was not open. I want to see all of the new stuff so bad!

I’m booking my plane ticket to from BWI to MCO sometime this afternoon. SO EXCITED!

I would love to hear everyones advice and tips on a few things! So I guess this is like a planning report! :slight_smile:

  1. Since we are not staying on Disney property I will only get the 30 days out to book my FPP. How do you think I should handle this with Pandora and ROL? If I cant get FPP for FOP or NRJ how do you all think I should handle that? I put it in a TP and its telling me to NRJ first and then FOP… For some reaon I feel like it should be the other way around.

  2. I’m going to try and see if I can get a ROL dinning package to help with this issue. So I’m going to be calling Disney every day from now on out! What are everyones opinions on Tiffins vs Tusker House?

  3. How is Disney in September? Right now the CL is a 2! Is it really that not crowded? How hot is it going to be?

I would love everyones opinions on this and I would love any advice that you would like to give me!

September is meant to be slow so although I don’t know from experience if it will be a 2, it certainly shouldn’t be too busy, outside of Pandora which I expect will be packed.

My parents/sister and family are going at the end of July and had no issue getting NRJ for 7 people at 30 days out. FoP was gone. I’d plan to be there an hour before RD, straight to FoP and then NRJ.

Comparing Tiffins and Tucker House is like apples to oranges. Tiffins is signature, high end dining and I haven’t heard anything bad about it but the menu is a bit exotic for me. TH is a character buffet - lots of fun and decent, not brilliant food.

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I think you will get Navi. There is some right now at thirty days out. Sept 10 will have less people.

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Great! So I’ll plan on NRJ FPP and RD on FOP. Now for the other two FPP… should I do EE, KS, or KRR… decisions lol

Krr for the hottest part of the day!

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Thanks! Good idea!

So if you don’t have any FPs in your TP yet, it is likely telling you to do NRJ first because it is such a short experience. FOP, even if you were to walk all the way to the pre-show is about a 20 minute experience. Riding NRJ first was actually my strategy back in June and it worked really well. I rode NRJ got out, walked to FOP and had about a 25 minute wait. By the time I got out of FOP the wait at NRJ was about 25 minutes as well.

FOP is also a much more enjoyable line to be in. Both lines are shaded but FOP has a much more interesting cue.

Tiffins was easily one of my favorite meals at Disney, but @missoverexcited is right - you are looking at two very different options. Our food was excellent and we easily got our money’s worth (Tiffins is pretty expensive in general so our bill would have been more than the package price if we had paid menu prices) with the ROL package. The menu options are adventurous, but it was a very cool experience and very relaxing.

As for what other FPs to get, with a CL 6 and just me and my husband, we did not ride anything without a FP when we were there in June and we rode pretty much everything and saw all the shows. I would definitely do a FP for KS so that you can pick a time you want to go (some really like earlier in the day, which is very popular, and some like later in the evening because of the sunset thing). The other I would choose would be KRR just so you can pick when you want to be wet.

Remember to use those rolling FPs too. With only 2 people you should be able to do lots of things, even multiple times.

Oh, also - in my personal opinion the best way to enjoy (tolerate?) Dinoland is to do it after dark. It actually feels a bit more charming and like a fun carnival when it is all lit up…


Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed responce!
If I can’t get FPP for either Pandora rides I will try that!
I’m hoping EE wont have long lines becuase of Pandora and the CL for the day.
I’m leaning towards Tiffins for dinner if I can get it… but I honestly would take either for the ROL pass.

Another question… I have a MB from my last trip. So it should still be linked right?
If I was able to borrow my sisters MB from our last trip would I be able to link it to my friends account?

Yours yes, sisters/friends no

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No MBs can’t be transferred, but yours will still work unless you deactivated it in MDE.

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I’ll be surprised if it isn’t available for you. We booked in late March for our June trip and had no problems. If you do end up doing TH instead though, I would recommend taking the time to check out Nomad. Even if you do have dinner at Tiffins, you might still do it. My husband and I really loved sitting in the lounge relaxing with a delicious cocktail before dinner. They have a great cocktail menu too!

Ohhh that sounds great! Thanks so much!

Just bought my plane tickets and our park tickets!!! It’s so real now! :smiley:

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Thank you!

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I just did a search and found availability for both Tusker and Tiffins for Sept 10 for two people for the ROL dining at lunch time. :slight_smile:

Oh yay!!! I was looking this morning and no slots were coming up. It just kept telling me to call. I was just about to call! Just got Tiffins at 4:!5! Thank you!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


How long should I plan for Tiffins?

Signatures take longer and you won’t want to be rushed there. I would say 90-120 mins. But I haven’t eaten there specifically, so others may know more.

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