Seeking opinions on tipping

Also, how do you give housekeeping a tip without them just thinking you left money out. I always get really self conscious when tipping. I do it but it feels weird to me to just had someone money without a cash register or something. Probably anxiety related. Also, sometimes they are so quick you don’t hardly have time to get cash because they are leaving already. Very similar feel to trying to put your money away at the grocery store after paying and you want to be quick for the next person. Very anxiety inducing for me. I try though but any tips (lol) for how to tip would be great.


We have always left it with a note or in an envelope labeled Mousekeeping


I’ve always folded it in a piece of paper with a hand written Thank you (Housekeeping, for the service, for the whatever). Generally if you leave it on the counter where the main TV or table is, they take it. If I’m handing it off, I have it ready and folded a bit and just do the exchange with a smile.

  1. I always leave a note (from the notepad if they have one, or an index card that I bring with me) that says “Housekeeping - Thank you!” and then put the money on top of that in an obvious location, like a countertop or desk.

  2. If I’m tipping someone who is coming to my room, I get the money ready beforehand. Like if I order a pack’n’play, I will get out $5 before they even arrive and have it in my hand or pocket so I can give it to them as they leave after making the delivery. Same thing with bell services - I’m prepping my tip on the bus or in the Uber.


Mousekeeping has always known it was a tip when I have left it in the center or the counter under the bathroom mirror. When beds were made, the pillow was always safe too.


I just leave the bills folded and tucked under the TV or the lamp or the phone. Only once did it not get picked up.



Heck maybe that guy did pay me that one time but mousekeeping took it


Was it @Randall1028 :crazy_face:



Pretty sure no.

Pretty sure.

I don’t keep track of names either though


Every time this topic comes up, I feel like a cheap jerk (which I am). :smile:

If housekeeping is bad or nonexistent or a level that we can do ourselves in like 3 minutes, no tip. Very minimal if every day and a good job.

$1 per bag held somewhere if we absolutely have to. We take them to the room ourselves.

18% on meals because I’m not a total monster and I know that’s the minimum expectation. If it’s amazing service, they get 18% plus a smile and thank you. 18% of ridiculous meal costs at WDW is plenty for the actual time and difficulty level of work being performed.


I totally get this. We had a character meal at Chef Mickeys. 4 adults, 2 kids - our server, while great and attentive, did not actually have a ton of work. It was served family style (which he needed to grab) and one round of drinks. An 18% tip was automatically put onto the bill (which is fine) - $72. We were there for one hour, maybe 80 minutes max. That is more than I make per hour - and it was just for one table!


We used to have tip envelopes with clip art and Mousekeeping. The clip art was classic characters in relevant dress - if we were going to AK that morning the tip envelope might have Goofy looking at the wrong end of the binocs. HS and Mickey is dressed all Star Wars.

Several trips the envelope would have a border with “thank you” in languages of Epcot.

Disney takes all the fun out of things. But I guess maybe not if they’re bringing back full housekeeping and we’re not at dvc.

I left off valet parking which I use quite a lot. I’ve paid a dollar each way - dropping off and picking up. I suppose now it’d be $2.

Before we leave for WDW I usually have been hoarding one dollar bills in anticipation of tipping. When I was making tip envelopes I’d pre-load them prior to leaving.


I usually go to the bank and take out a few hundred in small bills. These days I’ve been leaning more toward $5s and $10s rather than $1s since I’m usually tipping $5 minimum, but it’s nice to have a few ones just in case.


I think your numbers are totally fine. Really cheap would be 15% at a restaurant (or less :grimacing:) or not tipping housekeeping / bell services at all, which some people do.


15% of the pre-tax total is the norm in Canada. Some people are trying to convince us that it should be 18-20% but most people are resisting!

What I actually hate doing is tipping bus drivers (like a shuttle bus from an airport). They’re just doing their exact job with no extra personal service. And half the time they drive like maniacs so I REALLY don’t want to give a tip.

I like tipping housekeeping.


I was thinking that as I typed. Fewer $1 nowadays. And that would be a trip to the credit union.

Tho last two trips were not much in the way of cash tips. Mears driver and bell services.

I used to work service jobs back in the day. A tip made me feel seen and appreciated. The kid works in a coffee shop in the mornings and makes way more in tips, which are appreciated.

Service folk make things work. And they’re largely invisible.


If they handle my luggage I tip them.


I wonder if they have plenty of people to tip out to though… Hopefully to the characters too!


See, 15% is standard here. 10% is for bad service and 20% + is for exceptional service. I guess the more people time 15 - 18% for poor service the higher and higher tipping will get.


That’s interesting! When I started working at a restaurant in 2001, my boss (the owner of the restaurant) told us that 18-22% was standard for tipping “now,” 15% was old-fashioned. He was an old-timer himself, … and that was over 20 years ago! :scream: