Seeking opinions on tipping

Hello, I know there are many and varied opinions here on tipping, but I am seeking opinions on how much you tip in these situations, when staying as a guest at a WDW resort:

  1. Daily Housekeeping Tip? (Including just trash and towel days?)
  2. If you run out of something (Towels, toilet paper) and Housekeeping brings it to you?
    (Sometimes on day of check-in, Housekeeping might send 3 different people with 3
    different items.)
  3. Bell Services, for luggage, or grocery delivery?
  4. Extra tip for server when dining, (when 20% gratuity has already been added, and
    service was decent, but not remarkable)?

FYI, DH thinks I tip too much :laughing: Just a reality check here…


(because this always gets hairy)

My personal practice:

  1. $5/day for hotel room, more for villas adjusted based on size
  2. No
  3. $2/bag, rounding up (I don’t give singles - it feels cheap to me)
  4. For already added tip, not unless it’s outstanding and truly exceptional; when I tip on my own I tend to tip 20%+

My thoughts only:

These are just my opinions… and others will have theirs. Leaving restaurants out for a moment, I am in a position where, fortunately, adding an extra $5 or $10 here or there doesn’t not break my budget. All told, my tips to housekeeping, bell services, etc. probably doesn’t add up to more than an extra $100 or so per trip. It means a lot to the people I tip… and doesn’t affect the bottom line of my trip budget all that much.

Restaurants are a different thing… i tend to tip between 20-25% for all meals out.

Other people are in different situations. If I don’t feel like tipping bell services (and there are times I don’t… then I just make the kids schlepp more stuff).

I don’t judge anybody for their tipping strategies though…


Mousekeeping: at least $5 a day, including days when no one comes

Bell service- generally $2 a bag, $10 minimum

Restaurant- generally always at least 25%


Same for me except I’ve never stayed in a villa.

  1. I do $5 for mousekeeping per day
  2. I do tip if I ask something to be brought to the room. Varies based on what is coming but usually a minimum of $5
  3. I rarely use bell services but I think the customary thing is $2-$3 per bag
  4. I usually shoot for a standard of 25% total, never less than 20% for bad service but I’ll tip more than 25% if the service is outstanding. (I have also been known to go back to the table and leave more if someone else is handling the bill).
  1. Used to tip $1/person/day in regular rooms. In Villas I have not tipped last two trips - they apparently empty the trash invisibly.
  2. Not been applicable
  3. Bell services $2/bag but if we’re over 20 bags I tend to cap at $40
  4. I’ll usually tip 25% for great service. I have done 18% for lackadaisical attitude. On our recent trip when the server took our order and then never showed again until we’d sat several minutes waiting to order dessert, I tipped 15%. I know the people that brought the food share. I also am not amused at having an empty water glass throughout the entire meal.

Extra credit: I tip drivers, like the Mears shuttle. I have not begun using rideshare yet.


Much the same of what everyone else shared, except the last two trips I tipped housekeeping very generously. I also left notes to say how much I appreciate the job they do. They do A LOT and I never really thought about it until WDW started doing the every 3-4 days crap. I was so excited to have full housekeeping back, I went overboard.


I don’t tip for housekeeping generally. But we haven’t stayed on property at any time when they are providing full service…and truth is, when given the option, we decline service. In August 2020, we actually were emptying our own trash, even.

Can’t say this has ever happened for us, that I recall.

We have only used Bell Services once, that was when we changed rooms for a split stay. I forget exactly. I think it was $2 first bag, $1 each after, which was what folks were recommending here at the time.

I typically tip 20% of actual final bill. (The “recommendation” is 20%, before tax, but paying 20% on top of tax as well gives them more.)


I did not realize full housekeeping was back! It’s been since May 2022, and I don’t think it was back then? It’s sometimes hard for me to tell what they have done, because I am one of those weirdos who makes everyone clean everything up before Housekeeping comes. Bathroom and Kitchen counters are cleared, table is wiped, dishes are washed or put in dishwasher, etc.


In December 2022, it was not back.


I wonder if it’s just the deluxe resorts. Had it at GF and AK. Felt so good to have the bed made.
ETA- December 2022 and February 2023.


This was a fascinating poll topic that I did a couple of years ago. Check it out! I have found that everyone is different – there is no “right amount” to tip (except restaurants where you better tip at least 18% LOL). But I personally try to tip generously.


LOL I’ve done this as well (or like, hang back once the one who paid has walked away).

I usually tip 20% minimum, usually not more than 25% though, unless the bill is really small. I never tip less than $2-3, like at a cafe where you’re spending $5-10 for a quick bite or drink only.


That’s what I do.

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IIRC December is about the time I remember seeing it announced that it was back. But it was rolled out gradually across resorts.

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  1. We do $5 a day and $10 on checkout day
  2. Haven’t happened to us yet, but probably $5 just because I’d feel cheap handing over a dollar or 2. But $3 is probably also acceptable IMO.
  3. Grocery delivery- 15%, Bell Service for luggage $3 a bag, bumped up to the next $5 increment. I don’t carry a lot of $1 bills.
  4. If it was decent 20% is enough. $15 is standard (unless the food is inexpensive). 25% is for great service. I never tip less than $5 a person but with Disney prices, I’m sure this minimum would never be needed :joy:

As far as DH goes you have to go with what you are comfortable with but certainly should meet the minimum socially acceptable standard when it comes to tipping. If you are blessed financially or are feeling generous, tip away! I feel the service industry as a whole is under paid in most cases.

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Second, Third and 4th this! My mom is very frugal with certain tings and giving with others. Tipping she will do down to the penny and never, ever over 15%. She has known too many waitresses and bar tenders that have made well over her salary so she generally doesn’t feel bad. I’ve only ever seen her be a big tipper and that was for DD. She did 20%! (We usually double the bill for DD).


AK was definitely not full housekeeping in January and what was done was minimal at best for a deluxe.


I believe this was the last update on Mousekeeping.

Many have mentioned but I will note that I tip, often overtip, because I can.

I spent about 16 years, waitressing, starting when I was 16 to help my mom pay for food, heat, and other necessities for our family - and then as I struggled into my 30s. Tips allowed me to eat.