Secret menu items?

Read this:

Are there other secrets? Truth is, based on the article, it doesn’t appear the secret menu items I’d be particularly interested in. But it did make me wonder if there are other secret menu items people have found out about.


Disney is rumored to be releasing either a new or enhancing the current phone app to make them more interactive with being in the parks. So it’s possible these secret menu items are to get guest prepared for what is to come.

Linking them.

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Somehow I missed this one. Can just anybody order this? I think it looks AMAZING and I will probably gain about 200 pounds in one day.

Based on what I can tell from the article, yes. Anyone can order them if you know about them.

I’m curious about the case it mentioned where the chef comes out and shows you the secret menu options in a briefcase!

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I’m going on a cruise in June. Not DIsney. And not my choice either. I would so much rather have gone back to WDW. But, I will be in Orlando with 2 days to spare. I will do the resort hopping thing and report back here.

Oh. I see. You mean you won’t have tickets. In that case, I’m not sure. You have to use the MDE app to request some of the special menus, so I don’t know if anyone can get access to those. But there are also cases where you ask to see the secret menu, which doesn’t require the MDE app.

Yeah, the video I saw at ASM they just asked to see the secret menu. I am hoping I can just do that.