Second-guessing my trip because I'm so out of shape!

Anyone else feel like their physical fitness has declined over the last year (thanks Covid burnout)? When we’ve gone in the past I’ve typically been in pretty good shape - walking around 15,000 steps a day most days, using my standing desk at work, which I don’t have now, etc. Over the past year I’m lucky to get 5,000 steps in being stuck at home all the time. It’s getting nicer here and I’ve been trying to walk more outside and having a trip scheduled is a motivator for me but man, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hack it!


When is your trip?

I am one of those people who is on the opposite spectrum from you. All of the slowdowns in life really opened up a lot more “free time” to me and I embraced it like you have no idea. I’ve gotten up to a long run of 10 miles now, by building on my distance a little more every week.

The key is consistency, and starting small. Focus on getting in a mile today. Next week make it two. Add on a mile very week until you hit your 15000 step minimum; I would argue to do that until you hit 20,000 minimum for Disney.

Like anything else that is important to you, you have to make it a priority. Get up early before work if you have to; grab a flashlight and reflective vest to go out in the evenings if you must. If you want to, you will (barring any physical limitations, obviously).


I think it’ll be ok.

I went in December, and again last week.
Over the pandemic, I put on about 15 pounds. I’m already on the heavy side, I have a thyroid problem, and I was put on a medication that caused me to rapidly put on those 15 pounds. I’m off that medication now, but the pounds aren’t slipping off as easily as they went on. :woman_shrugging:
(Let me say now that I’m not self conscious about my weight.)
At 5’2, I now weigh 210 lbs. I had to buy new, bigger clothes for the first time in years. I was worried about the impact it would have on park touring.

It really had no impact for me. The heat was more of an impact than the walking. As you can see, I put in the miles, lol!


I worked from home even pre covid and I’m not even sure I get 5000 steps in a week. I’ve never had a problem walking at Disney. From RD to fireworks it’s a lot of steps but it’s rarely a lot at once.


I had a big issue in October when I went to Disney, but I have a mobility disability to begin with. Sitting around from March-October did a big number on me. After I crashed and burned during my Disney trip, I reached my turning point. Since then, I’ve lost 30 pounds, joined Noom and started to exercise 60 minutes each day. I will be interested to see what the difference is during my vacation in 2 weeks. Like @OBNurseNH, I have embraced the time at home. 20 minutes of exercise before work starts and 40 in the afternoon. Plus, not eating out for lunch made a big difference too.


Similar stats and experience. I was tired but fine. My max was 28k one day. Wear good shoes. I also wear pants or capris, heat be damned, because chub rub is the worst.




Or these little jobbies:

I would not consider them Spanx nor body shaping at all. But they do the trick in preventing chub rub when you want to wear a sundress or skirt.


Yes! For sure. I had the same concerns. Same as you, my steps have gone from an easy 10k/day to like, 2k over the winter. I’ve tried to keep up with treadmill workouts, but with kids schedules, work meetings, and covid-depression, it just didn’t happen like I’d want.

We took Disney a little lighter than usual - maybe 15k steps a day instead of 20k+. But we also went for 8 days instead of our typical 4. I almost always had issues with my feet, but didn’t this time! I was better about wearing shoes/sandals that I knew would be comfortable. My legs were sore by the end of every day, but I was surprised by how they loosened up once I started moving the next day. I do have to say, the days we went open to close were the worst. If we could get a break, it was much better.

I think you’ll be OK. Especially if you’re getting out and moving, now. Just, maybe, think about when/how you’ll get off your feet for a few hours, every day.


I find bermuda shorts are long enough that they don’t ride up while still being cooler than pants. And some skorts as well.

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you never, ever fail to make me smile!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m definitely glad I’m taking a 7 year old, whose little legs will help keep my usual miles in check. I’ve been trying to get a few miles in a few times a week either on a treadmill or outside, but it’s been rough. I handled 5 hours at the Detroit Zoo alright on Saturday, though, so I guess that’s a moderately good sign.

I’ve got some not-quite compression running shorts with pockets that I like to wear under dresses, because dresses with pockets are well and good, but pockets that don’t flap around are even better! Of course, I have no problem lifting the side of my skirt a tad to get into the pocket, which might bother some. It was a lifesaver when I was having some severe pain and using a TENS unit at Universal, though.


Much depends on your general health pre-covid. It sounds like it was pretty good, so I think you’ll be fine. Getting out and doing something now, even if it’s not pre-covid level, is a huge help.

I have X steps in my legs per day, which declines precipitously over the course of the trip, there is nothing I can do about this. Something that has always been really helpful to me, besides having really excellent shoes, is “pre-emptive sitting”. That is, sit BEFORE you need to. Don’t wait until you are feeling exhausted. You might even check over the maps to find some areas where you’re sure there are places to sit and plan accordingly.

And never stand when you can sit.

This was one of the huge benefits of CLFP to me. I won’t be going back until there’s something like that available. It was so nice to be able to just plan the least amount of walking and not worry about FP or crowds.

Having said that, my legs still failed by the end of the trip but there are usually ECVs around to rent, though they are clunky. I doubt it will come to that for you, though! Have a great time.:grinning:


After years of being caught in the middle of the feud between MS and heat, I can’t agree more. My plans are always built with a good period of downtime and almost never include a meal right before the break. The main reason behind this is not to keep the kids from getting tired or cranky, it’s to mitigate any issues I might have. If I’m having a really rough morning and just can’t power through until break time then there’s always the option to just break early, go and recharge and hopefully get back at it later and make up for lost time on the back end of the break.

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I’ve never been one to wear a skirt on vacation because shorts or capris are much more convenient for climbing, without the modesty issues :wink: And I’ve never had the chafing issues.

But last week, I decided to wear a skirt with one of these “shapers”. Mines are skimmers made by Jockey, which I learned about here. The temperature was going to be in the high 70s with a drop to the mid 50s. When I felt goose bumpy, I went to the bathroom and quickly pulled on thermals! It was so easy!

Wished I did that on our last trip to WDW when we were freezing at 3 Bridges during dinner!

Considering cancelling a vacation could be a wake up call to start moving more.
Plenty of out of shape people there though, it’s just walking which we are built to do.

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I’m not worried for myself or DW (we are relatively active, but rarely hit more than 5000 steps a day in regular life), but I am worried for DS9 and DD7! This is their first trip with no stroller (the younger two have dibs on our double). We have tried to plan our trip to minimize walking, take things slow, experience parks one or two lands at a time rather than criss-crossing, etc. The main question mark is how we will get from BCV to HS in the morning, and whether we will wait for a boat or try to walk.


That’s tough. Walking gets you there earlier, but taking it at a slower leisurely pace for the kids while still beating others to HS means getting up earlier, for a family with a 3 hr time difference already. So that may depend on how far into the trip it is, and how adjusted you all are to EST. For sure take a boat or skyliner back.

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Same here! My health snd my weight have taken a beating this year! I’m still in shape thanks to all the walking at work but a little worried. Decided to buy a bigger pair of bathing shorts and keep the trip. My kid wants to sleep in so we will be doing pool time until evenings in the parks anyway so it should be ok. I feel like this is not the year to put things off!