SeaWorld Tips

I thought so too, but I never see it. I can see the animal show times & such… :man_shrugging:


DH and I were at Sea World this past August and had a great time, aside from just about passing out from the heat. There was a beer festival going on, so we spent a fair amount of time trying a bunch of samples. The park feels HUGE and it’s a long walk from one side of the park to the other.

Sesame Street was delightful and completely redone from the last time we were there with the kids. It reminded me of HP at Universal, only for younger kids. Lots of interactive stuff. I seem to recall that there was a meet and greet inside of Mr. Hooper’s store. I don’t recall seeing a schedule, though - but I wasn’t looking for one.


And completely agree that the best rides are Atlantis and Manta. Though honestly, we didn’t ride anything else :joy:

My absolute favorite thing at SeaWorld though is the penguins. I could watch them all day…


What a cute penguin shoulder pet!


I looked at the App this morning and during my trip they will be having an Elmo Birthday Celebration with meet & greets. I’m hoping that will make it easier to find them!


This was the San Antonio one, but my family enjoyed our one day there in 2018 with very little advance planning. It was unlike other parks in many ways so there was a lot to see and experience. At the time my kids were fairly small so we weren’t focused so much on thrill rides, as we would be today.


@darkmite2 - curiously following along…

I have an upcoming solo trip planned ( 4 weeks out ) on the hope for a Tron preview. If I don’t get Tron then it’s 2 days Universal Mardi Gras and I haven’t been to SeaWorld in decades so it’s definitely an option and I enjoyed BG Williamsburg enough to pick up the membership that includes all SW/BG parks. Lol tried like crazy to get my kids to go to SeaWorld San Diego on Friday ( they choose the zoo )

How many days are you allocating for it?

Are you doing Aquatica too? That’s where I get stuck…

Any ideas where to find any type of crowd calendar?

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I’m only going one day and I’m not doing Aquatica. I got a great deal from Orlando Informer on the ticket. ($80 and includes All Day Dinning)

It’s not that I’m opposed to Aquatica, but I don’t have enough time. (And $$$ :wink:)

I’ve never found a crowd calendar for SeaWorld. I know they aren’t as busy as Universal or WDW. I knew February was slower at Universal so I feel OK it will be good there. Plus, I am going on a Wednesday. I am going to buy the $20 Fast Pass from them even if it is slow. That’s low enough to be worth it even in a day you might not “need” it.