Scenario: one MB enters a park, second in pocket

Suppose 2 people staying in the same room book FPPs. One stays back at the resort and the other person goes into a park. Will both MBs work at FPP kiosks. Know this has been discussed before but can’t find the post w a search and don’t remember the answer.

Yes. Both MBs will work at the FPP taps, even if one hasnt been tapped at the front tapstile. And if you are linked, you can still use yours to make additional FPPs for both.

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Thank you!!

Both MBs still need ticket media attached to be able to make the FPPs. I should clarify that. It’s early. I figured it was implied, but Im adding it to be sure.

I’m overthinking. Lol. Need caffeine.

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Has this worked for you? Other have reported that a MB must be “tapped in” to a park in order to function at attraction tapstiles.

Yes. it has worked. I’ve taken advantage of others’ FPP generosity. i believe i had even switched sexes and became someone’s husband. LOL

caveat: it could change at any time…

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Cool - I know that you could switch bands with people in the park, but I did not think that it was possible to use the MB/FPP reservations for someone who had not “tapped in” to the park.

I believe that @MDU has reported doing this successfully with her DH’s Magic band. And he was not even in Orlando. Isn’t that right @MDU?

Yes. I had made FPP for him and I, left him in NY and another liner was able to use his band for FPP, even though his band was never scanned for entry.

So, you had a ticket associated with his MB which enabled you to make FPP reservations, and you were able to use those FPP reservations without using the ticket itself? Or does DH have an AP?

This was changed this week and should no longer work. Now MBs / tickets that haven’t been scanned the park entrance will show up as “invalid ticket media”.

We both have APs. Not quite sure why he needed an AP. Probably just because I was getting one, he thought I’d take him with me…??

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Well THAT stinks

Agreed. Thought I had a good thing going for my next trip. At least I got to double up on FP’s back in the day before FPP when WDW was in transition. Guessing someone will come up with another fun ‘hack’

Thanks for the update. How did you learn about the change?

It was announced to CMs at AK on Monday. I haven’t had any 1st hand experience yet.

Well pooh! It was a good run, I guess. @Sam2071, @Little_Fish is a CM

This is super sad news. If my DH and I switch who stays at the resort with little one napping and who stays at the park with the older one, we could just switch bands for FPP. It was a really nice flexibility to use the whole family’s FPP allotment without having to worry who scanned into the park and who didn’t. :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused: