Same day FOP FP drops


Does anyone know if there any current same-day drops of FPs for FOP and at what times?


11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01. Never guaranteed.




Sorry to revive an old thread, but anyone ever actually see these drops happen? Just curious. And how quickly do they get snatched up?


We got 2 at 11:01 in January. They were definitely gone within 5 minutes, possibly even faster.


They’re reported almost every day on chat, and can go within 2 minutes.


That’s good to know. Out of curiosity, I checked at exactly 5:01 and refreshed a few times, but didn’t see anything just now. But maybe it’s because it’s a holiday weekend. I did see Navi pop up at exactly 5:01, but not before. Do they sometimes drop other things instead of FOP?


This person, reported having success with them recently:


FOP has a 6 hour standby line today and is running at a reduced capacity, there is no chance they are dropping extra FP! I believe it’s just FOP and Navi. I don’t know for sure.


6 hours!?!?!?! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Well just short of 6 hours. 345 minutes.


I don’t know any ride I would wait 6 hours for! That is half of a day at Disney. One expensive ride!


The drops didn’t happen as much this past weekend across all parks. Not sure if it was because it was a holiday weekend. I have been seeing them otherwise.


I did see someone on chat report that they got 2 FOP fastpasses at each drop time, I think it was on Saturday.


My friend got SD FP FOP yesterday for 3 people around 5ish.


Has anyone had success modifying their FP for a different time during the drop times?
I have a FP for FOP at 7pm on our AK day, but would love to modify to early time.
I assume that it works the same as picking up a 4th FP?


Yes it does.


Snagged one last Friday at 3:03pm for a 4:50-5:50pm FPP. We were at the pool and I decided to give it a try. Got us 2 rides on it this past trip as a result!


Fwiw I got a TT at the Epcot 11:31 drop pretty easily on the Sunday of Presidents Day Weekend. It was a CL 10 at Epcot that day…


Is it easier to modify than to change a FP? If I have Navi and a FOP pops up (will it pop up?) can I get it just as easily as if I had an FOP and wanted to modify?