runDisneyLAND info released!

runDisney released the pricing for the 2024 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

I have to admit I immediately thought of @DumboRunner — you HAVE TO do the Dumbo Double Dare – 10K + Half and you get a Dumbo Doubledare challenge medal!

Get all the information here: Run Disney


Yeah I saw the registration dates and knew then that I’m not doing it. I can’t even really think about runDisney again for a few months. Unless, that is, there is some kind of Liner group going for Coast to Coast challenge. I could maaaaaybe get behind that in time for registration.


I love how solid your resolve is:

Nope can’t do it.



My resolve revolves around laser eyes. You know what I mean. Not worth taking those lasers for a solo running trip, but if its combined with some Liner meetups and joint trip reporting or something of that nature, maybe.


I think this will be my last use of the laser excuse. DW has been doing really well lately. Better than in many years. I definitely made the right decision to cancel Dopey. So no more lasers. But I still think she would laugh at me if I proposed another rD trip now. I would have to have a really strong case to push back at all.


i would, but i don’t think i can free myself at the registration window due to work, and i expect it will sell out within minutes

its ok, i’ll do it someday!


Fixed that for you. Actually I expect it to sell out in “negative” time. For dopey last year I was in the queue something like 15 minutes before registration opened and by the time I got in, Dopey was sold out.


I think I am only signing up for Princess for 2024. Running Disney in November, January & February this year I am missing out on a lot of good local races. I also really enjoy going to Disney & running Celebration. The parks aren’t as crowded & the Festival of the Arts is going on.


I’m going to try and register (with two runDisney veterans) for the 10K, but I am not holding my breath. Maybe the 10K will be available a few seconds longer than the half or the challenge…? It would be my first runDisney race.


I think you are right. Good luck!


Luckily I signed up for club runDisney this year. I’m going to register for the Challenge. Then on general registration try to get the family into the 10K.

I’ll likely do the WDW half as well - I do wish there was a chance to see/choose which C2C track to do as I also do Princess.

Hopefully I’ll be doing 3 1/2 marathons next January, WDW, DL and then the 3M here in Austin!


Love that one. All downhill. Fellow Austinite. We did the half track distance challenge as a family one year and im pretty sure 3m was our fastest track.

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I’m thinking about doing the Cap 10k. Tried the last 4 years but it was either canceled or didn’t work in my calendar since it’s usually around Easter

I haven’t been able to do the Cap10 since the first year it got rained out. I did it several years before, but now we usually have something else scheduled that weekend. It is a fun race, though!

3M was my first half and the swag bag spoiled me!!

My interest in the coast-to-cost has been peeked. I just did a quick search on flights to enable a coast-to-coast trip and it is not looking good for me. Starting and ending in Canada is going to make it pricey!

If I fly to MCO on Jan2, then to LAX on Jan 10 then home on Jan 14, it is showing around $1,200CAD.

Then add the $389USD challenge fee for DL and then an estimate of $675USD for the Dopey challenge.

Without accommodation and park tickets, we are looking at approximately $2,200 USD.

Hotel would be 8 nights in WDW approximately $205 USD = $1,700 plus 4 nights in Cali at approximately $250 USD = $1,000.

We are looking at around $5,000 USD.

I would then need park tickets of course!
7 days at WDW wit PH would be around $800USD. 3 days in DL are around $420USD.

Now we have a total of around $6,300 or let’s say $6,500USD.

Then add food and trinkets!

Anyone want to lend me some $$$? :rofl:


And therein lies the rub

You could try lobby surfing to see if you could “stay” without actually staying? LOL I think Backside Of Magic once did an episode where they conceptualized how one could do this


I’ve considered this for one night, but the more I thought about it the worse the idea seemed. On one hand, it would be easier on a rD trip since you’re waking up at 230 anyways, but on the other hand (that would be the dominant hand) the likelihood of getting zero sleep and running a race is a truly awful idea.

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Why am I having FOMO for this race? I am pretty sure I am not signing up tomorrow, but then I get and email reminding me about registration. UGH!


Today’s the day! Good luck everyone! :grimacing: :sunglasses:

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Did everyone get it? I’m not running, but just looked & everything except the kids races are showing sold out.