runDisneyLAND info released!

I’m anxious to hear how folks did too!

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I made sure I found something to distract me from getting in the queue. I really could not justify spending the money but would have registered if I was on my computer. :rofl:

Crazy registration today. The opened up the registration late and it sold out super fast.


I mean isn’t it always?

I was able to register myself and 3 friends for the 10K! Three of us were all trying to register at the same time, and I’m the only one that got in (but then I was able to register everyone in a stepwise manner). Quite the adrenaline rush. Now the training and costume planning can begin!

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As someone who has never run Disneyland, I don’t understand how this changes things?

Coast to Coast medals

Honestly, when they said that the MW/DLR version would be special, I expecting more than just a shape change.

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One bit of sad, the route doesn’t go through Angel’s Stadium.


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I love how much park running there is in these races. :heart_eyes: I will have to see if I can make a future Disneyland race happen in my life.

Is the dashed line an underground portion?

How do they find the room to start everyone in front of the mini-castle for the 5k?

The look of the coast to coast medal does not float my boat :ship: , but the ability to say I completed such a task would be amazing!

Well, I really do have a problem now…

I could not resist the Haunted Mansion medal. I signed up DD and myself for September on Disneyland!

We will be celebrating DDs high school graduation with a Daddy-Daughter trip and a run through Disneyland.




That sounds amazing, I’m so jealous. My DS9 is definitely not a runner (he HATES it), and DS7 probably won’t be my running buddy due to medical issues (but maybe). I’m holding out hope that DD5 is my runner