RotR Watch: COVID Edition!

Appears still having issues.

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Dang! Well hopefully by closing it today, they are able to fix more of the issues. Still, the issues you noted are better than having to reset the ride system.

That’s right, I’d forgotten about the Kylo Ren screen. I guess on our first ride it was the animatronic but the other two times we rode it was a screen. I didn’t really notice (there’s a lot going on!) but my DD20 who also rode it at DLR did.

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Hey they changed HS park hours… we are going this Wed. park hours are 10am-8pm. I do not see anything about boarding reservation time changes, you know the 10, 2 drop times? Anyone know anything? Also, if they haven’t changed it, I don’t remember if you can get a boarding time w/o being through the turnstiles and inside the park. TIA.

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I thought 10 to 8 has been the park hours through the summer. Those were the hours while we were there. They are changing come September, but they will be 10 to 7.

You cannot get a boarding time unless you are physically in the park (through the tapstyles).

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thanks, I didn’t pay attention to the park hours I guess, sorry. How can you get a boarding pass if they don’t open until 10 and that’s the first drop? Do we move through turnstiles before 10am? I was thinking that they were not allowing ppl in early… like pre-covid rope drop scenarios.

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Oh, no. They let people in well ahead of 10:00. Just things don’t open up before ten.

We actually were in about 13 minutes to 10, and made our way to just outside ToT. There, we parked ourselves for the 5 remaining minutes until 10:00. After securing BG 2, we then hopped immediately into the ToT line.

If you aren’t in the park before 10:00, there is slim to none chance of getting a BG until the 2:00 slot.


I’ve actually read reports of people getting a BG while on a ride. For example, I think they open MMRR a little before 10am. Possibly SDD too.

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So what time should I plan to be at the parking gate in order to make it before 10am inside the park? Are there still lines of cars parked outside the gate waiting to get in for RD? Thanks!

Arrive between 9:00am and 9:30am. They may turn you away if you arrive before 9am (at least that’s the latest I’ve heard). No need to come earlier even if they let you in. If you arrive after 9:30am, you will feel stressed getting through security, health scans, tapstiles, etc.


There are definitely rides operating before 10:00 AM. Maybe just MMRR and SDD. We were in line for both of those when getting our BG’s on three separate days. We did not ride before 10:00 AM, but the line was moving and people were riding. We left AKL about 9:15 or so via Lyft (because I didn’t trust the buses). There was a line of cars at the parking lot entrance, but no line to speak of at temp check, security or tap stiles.


We got to the gates at 0900 on Wednesday morning and waited 10 min before they started letting cars through. Worried about getting through the gates in time for 1000 opening but were parked, in and shopping by 0935. Got inline for R.R. but even though I was on my provider and hit ‘join’ at 1000 we didn’t get a boarding pass. Left before 1400hrs. due to heat. Try another day.


D’oh! It really is a lottery right now. If passes are going in seconds, there’s not much you can do to beat the rush except be lucky (or rather, not be unlucky).

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Sorry. That sucks.


I think I’d be more disappointed about missing a BG if I hadn’t already been on last Jan w/ daughters and/or my DH was disappointed. DH hasn’t not been on it yet and had such a great attitude: “No big deal, we live close and will be back” :heart_eyes: love that guy.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on RotR stats, so here we go!


The "groups per hour’ has been very strong lately … until the last two days. (D’oh!) Still, it’s been in the ~10 BG/hr range since late August - not bad.


There are still 2-3 delays on a daily basis ranging from 20-60 min. A bit better than early on, but still disappointing.


% Downtime has been hovering around 20% for the last month. Again, the last two days were pretty bad … still, the long-term trend is good.

Let’s hope we get back on track after these last two bad days.


We need someone to convince Disney that this downtime is not acceptable and they should bring in some real engineers that specialise in finding and running issues to the ground. A Root Cause Analysis workshop needs to happen.

Too many dreams are being crushed by this limited capacity attraction that can not satisfy the demand. It breaks my heart every time I hear another liner missing out on this attraction because of Disney’s issues. Cellophane wrapped plush Mickey dolls are not proper compensation for families that spend a lot of money to be told they need to be lucky in the sub-minute lottery to ride. And even if you do get lucky and obtain that coveted BG, there is no guarantee the ride will remain operational or running at full capacity.



Yep. I have completely given up on ROTR and HS, until it working. HS isn’t a full day park and to use a day (no park-hop) to simply hope and pray for a boarding pass, then hope and pray to actually get on the ride … not worth it. Its a cool ride, but not worth the anxiety and aggravation. Someone else can have my spot. I’ll be enjoying WDW … not sitting around HS.

We’ll be there next week … didn’t even attempt to get a HS reservation.

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