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Just planning ahead for RotR, and I had a couple of questions that I thought I’d pose to those who may have already gotten or attempted to get a boarding pass.

I had heard that it might be necessary to refresh the app a few times. How exactly does one refresh the app? It is as simple as dragging down on the screen or does it involve something else?

Would it be advantageous to have each member of your group try to snag a boarding group at the same time – using one member’s account or each one using their own account – or would this cause confusion in the system?

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That’s it. Just drag down while on the “My Status” screen.

See this post: Step by Step BG Instructions

While it is for Disneyland, it applies to Hollywood Studios as well.


@ryan1, thank you for your reply. That’s what I thought about refreshing the screen. However, I was listening to a Diseyland-related podcast this morning, and they specifically noted that dragging down will not refresh the app. So it seems they were wrong – or maybe they were referring to a different part of the app.

Thanks for the link, too. This is great information. I thought someone must have posted something about this, but I wasn’t able to find it in my search.

This is true on the main “home” screen, but if you are on the My status screen you can. Perhaps they confused the two.

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Yes, dragging down does seem to refresh the My Status page but does nothing if you are looking at fastpass times. Does anyone know how to refresh the times in the app when trying to modify or add new fastpasses? Android phone if that makes a difference.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are some instances (like if the app isn’t recognizing you as being in the park) where you need to force shut the app to completely refresh it. Maybe that is what they were referring to. If you know BGs are being distributed and refreshing by pulling down the screen isn’t working, you should force quit and relaunch the app ASAP.

However, generally pulling down the screen should be enough if you have clicked “My Status.” You will know if it is refreshing because there will be text at the top of the screen that says “Checking Plans” and then “Last Updated: XX.”

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Screenshots of me trying this just now:

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When we were there on Saturday, pulling down on the screen did not always refresh the app. If you don’t see the rotating circle and “Checking plans…” it’s not refreshing. We ultimately used the My Status button to refresh and the top back arrow to go back and forth between the two windows. We all signed in to my MDE account - one phone on disney wifi, one on sprint and one on verizon. Wifi won. We were standing just inside the tapstyles on the right near the gas station stroller rental.


I’m going to have to come back to this thread and review it right before our trip.

I would not have expected WiFi to win in that face-off. That is really surprising.

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It varies. Sometimes cell service wins. I recommend having multiple phones with a mix of both WiFi and cell. That said, anecdotally WiFi wins more often than would expect, perhaps a majority of the time.

Make sure to review both of these threads before you go:

RotR BG Summary thread

BG Step by Step Instructions

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Well, there’s just two of us, so maybe we’ll have one on WiFi and the other on cell data. Thank you for the links. The information will be very helpful.

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