RoTR Boarding Group 2 users/same account one not in Park

Is this possible? 4 guests enter park. Only person 1/4 has phone/app. Another random stranger person is “not in the park” This Person 5 has MDE with login same as Person 1.

Can Person 5 try for boarding group same time as Person 1 for the 4 admitted guests to double up the chances?



As described, yes. As long as the 4 guests are registered as being in the park, MDE sees them as in the park. Person 5 is, as far as MDE is concerned, no different from person 1 (with the MDE account).

GPS information is not utilized by MDE, only tap-in information.


Yes, the more the merrier! It’ll increase your chances of having a good connection too.

Woot! Ok i’m sending off notice to my overseas boarding group churning factory. I’m kidding…although…yeah…thats probably already a thing.


Yes, I was trying this morning while my son and his girlfriend were in the park. I have high speed Internet at home but it did not connect. His girlfriend connected by WiFi in the park and they got BG 90.

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Have you “practiced” before? Wondering if you have had problems getting through in the past or whether all was running smoothly until you actually had to do it with people who were actually in the park.

I have practiced before. At first I received a message that I did not connect to the server and the I received the “something went wrong”message.

Was that the first time you had that issue?

It was the only time I could get that far. When you practice from home it stops you if your party is not in the park. This stopped me after I picked my party.

Gotcha so it happened after the screen where you would normally see “remove from party”

Is it not possible that the reason it blocked you was because your son’s GF already made it through? It was blocking you because of that?

Because, as you know, Disney’s IT is infallible. :wink:

No, when she finally went through I received the alert they got a number. The first server error was a red alert I have never seen. Then I got the “something went wrong” with the refresh button.

After you usually get the message to remove since they are not in the park. It never said they were ineligible, it said I was not going through to book. Did Len say that you actually connect out of state?

That’s what I’m wondering - I suggested that Steve check it out since he is down there checking. So maybe we’ll find out officially.

Yes, this is what I was thinking about this morning:

I was not connecting to the server from my house this morning. I do not know why. I use MDE a lot!


Well I will be doing a real time test tomorrow morning first thing from 1500 miles away. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I hope your connection works well! Good luck!

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Well that worked sort of. I got to select party then the message “something went wrong” but I figured the party of 4 grabbed the boarding group. 24! Only saying 47 total approximately today.


You didn’t get the server message?

Yikes! How does the BG cutoff keep DECREASING?!?