Rope dropping Peter Pan

My TP wants me to RD Peter Pan. Makes sense. However, it’s anticipating a 41 minute wait. Does that seem right to you? When we rope dropped PP on our 2015, 2016, and 2018 trips, it was always minimal wait as long as we walked (didn’t run) with purpose at RD.

Are you staying onsite and using the early entry?

I could see it being 41 mins wait at official park opening time, because the TP will assume you’re n the middle of the rope drop crowd. And there will already be other people in line at the end of the 30 minutes early entry.

Yes, staying onsite and using EE, it still thinks we’ll be facing a 41 minute wait at RD for Peter Pan. Or if that’s the wrong terminology, if RD is only used as an acronym for full park 9am rope drop, then whatever the term is for EE equivalent.

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By rope drop do you mean the start of early entry or the official park opening?

Edit: should have read better! Have you set your plan to use the 30 minutes early option?

I answered that above… I think we posted these two posts right on top of each other!

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So to expand, it thinks we’ll enter at 8:30am, take about 10 minutes to walk to the attraction, and face a 41 minute line at the very beginning of EE.

It might be it hasn’t adjusted for the fact that the holding area is a little closer to FL than the Hub. And is assuming you’re in the middle to back of the crowd.

As a workaround, if you really do intend to be at MK 75-90 minutes before park opening and therefore at the front of the early entry holding area, you could try to use a 15 minute break at 8:30 and add a note that you’ll ride PPF. See if that helps.

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I start my plan 15 min earlier than the EE entry time if I plan on arriving beforehand.


Official Park Open: 9:00am
Early Entry: 8:30am
Plan on Arriving: 7:45/8:00am
At Resort Bus Stop: 7:30am

With the above scenario, I would check the using early entry box on my TP, but adjust my start time to 8:15am.

It seemed to work out for a more realistic “rope drop” attraction wait time.


I keep getting the same rope drop recommendation. I’m wondering with G+ including PP, if it isn’t more efficient to rope drop something less popular… I think it depends heavily on what your first LL is.

TBF though if you aren’t using LL it’s not looking good for the wait times:

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Honestly I’d plan to arrive before that. Everyone gets let in at 8am, so you really want to be in the front of that crowd so you aren’t fighting your way through at the Hub. And then you’ll also be at the front of the FL early entry crowd.

Mine does that at rope drop for every park. I try to put an earlier time, but it reverts back to the EE time. I never wait as long as what TP tells me I will. Honestly, for next trip, I’m only making a few plans to get an idea of wait times at other parts of the day. Doing plans from rope drop on never seem to work. I’m always way ahead of schedule.


Pre-lockdown, I’d read about the same problem with FOP. The explanation was that people often aren’t as early as they think they’ll be, so they don’t assume that you’ll be at the front of the EE pack.


I totally get that… but c’mon. for a data/fact driven application, you have to have some mechanism (other than using artificial break placement) to put in what you actually plan to do, without the software calling liar liar pants on fire in the background.

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I got this image like with the map Harry Potter where they have to swear that they are up to no good. Except that the app has you click a button that you swear you’ll be at the front of the EE crowd.


I had that problem with my trip a few weeks ago. I set my start time at 8:15 because I knew I’d be at the front of the EE pack. It kept reverting to 8:30 when I would optimize. Drove me nuts. Finally gave up and dropped 7DMT and SDD off my plans.

But not everyone can be at the front of the line. That would only be possible for a few people and the chances of it being specifically you are small. It’s even possible for you to be at the front at the rope but get pushed back on the walk there. Any data driven option surely should cater to those in the middle of the pack, so as to give a reasonably realistic prediction.

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But over a half hour wait? That typically doesn’t happen in my situation.

I have never had the first ride take as long as it says and I just reoptimize after these days. I’m like a sheep most times. What does TP say next unless I see my plan going beyond end time and then I’ll start cutting out my least faves of what’s left.

I’m also willing to pay to avoid lines. walking does not bother me but standing still for hours really hurts my legs/feet so I imagine PPF will be a G+ ride for me. But during pandemic I did whatever TP said.


Ok… but therefore 41 minutes, for Peter Pan? SDMT sure, but not Pan. I’ve done PP RD many a time, I don’t sprint, and it’s never been close to 41 minutes. That’s not catering to the middle… that’s assuming I’ve stopped for a beverage, a pee, and a penny press I just had to try.

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