Rope drop or "opening" at HS

We are staying at Shades of Green. We would like to be at HS as early as possible, as we know this will be the park with the most standby waiting on most rides.
What is our option for getting there the earliest? Shades bus generally isn’t the earliest.
Lyft? Do we Lyft to the nearby gas station and walk?
I need details of how we can make it to HS early. It’s me and the kids this time alone…DH cannot travel with us this trip, so I would like a solid plan.
Thank you!

Could you lyft to Swan (not sure if u need a reservation to get in). Will be there in about 3.5 days, taking a lyft from MCO. Can report back then.

The drop off area for Lyft at HS is nice and close. Schedule a Lyft the night before and read/understand their covid policies.

But will it get us there early enough?

You can schedule your pickup time. They open the gates, for drivers 50-60 min, before official opening and it was plenty of time for us to be there, get through security, the turn styles and be at rope drop.

Personally it wasn’t early enough for us when we drove to HS last month. They didn’t let cars in (and I would think that would include ride shares) until after 9. We went straight to MMRR and waited about an hour. The lines for other rides were rather long by then. This week we went and walked from the Boardwalk. We arrived around 8:55. Cars weren’t allowed in until 9:05 and by then the buses and Skyliner had already dropped off guests. They let us in at 9:15 and we off MMRR by 9:37. We then went to MFSR and were off at 10:10. It seems crazy but arriving those 15-20 minutes earlier seemed to make a huge difference.


Yes that’s what I’m worried about. Some have Mentioned a gas Station that we could be dropped off at and walk in…had anyone done this? It seems like we could make it earlier this way…but how long a walk?

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someone posted a very helpful video of that walk to HS from the gas station (linked thread below). After watching I’d be willing to give it a go :wink:

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Do you need to be staying at a Disney Resort to park at the Boardwalk? I read online somewhere that the path from there to HS isn’t always open - anybody have experience with it being closed? Also, any idea how long a walk? Thank you!

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You need a resort reservation or an ADR to park at the Boardwalk. The walk from our room (which was by the main pool) was 0.5 miles. Oddly, on our second HS day there was a sign saying the walk was closed but it really wasn’t.

Thank you for your reply Dreamer! We are outside the park this visit and want to get to HS as early as possible. Worried that they won’t let drivers in until 9ish or later and trying to figure out a way to park and walk. Thanks again!

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Driving will put you behind walkers, some buses and the Skyliner. What about making an ADR at Trattoria?

Thank you Dreamer! Haven’t done this before. Do we have to eat there? Or just make a reservation for one and don’t show up (and get a $10 fine for not showing up?)? Thank you again for all of your help. The kids are crazy after being cooped up for 8 months and so looking forward to getting out of the house, to FL, and DISNEY!

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It’s $10 per person so if you aren’t going to eat just make it for one person. But I will say we had a great breakfast there and it’s so much cheaper without the characters.
Hope you have a great trip.

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