Room security checks

Anyone have experience with calling and asking the front desk to do security checks in certain hours? We’re going to be doing the W&D runs and expect to come back and nap, so I’d prefer not to be disturbed :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no.
The point of them is to be random and unannounced.
I would throw the latch on your door and put the do not disturb sign out.
Perhaps adding an additional note “runner sleeping come back after…” might help?

FWIW I’ve never been disturbed personally on race weekends during naptime.


Does this happen very often? I’ve never heard of this. What are the checks about anyway?

It happens every day, since the mass shooting in Las Vegas. It’s supposed to stop people stockpiling weapons, since that guy had DND on his door the whole time. If mousekeeping come in, that counts. Otherwise someone else will.


So they do this to every room? Not that I care too much but it’s nice to know. DH doesn’t like housekeeping coming in while we aren’t there. He would feel the same about a security check. Sooooo, keeping this info to myself… lol

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The mousekeeper coming in to empty your trash and change out your bath towels counts

So yes, they do this to every room.

It’s not just a Disney thing. Many if not most hotels do this too.


Every room, every day.

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In my personal experience, security checks became a regular annoyance with stays in Disney resorts in the past 3 years. For some reason Disney seems to have not even tried to find graceful or guest-friendly ways to accomplish this. My last two stays were at the Dolphin and the Swan and we had no issues at all. We were never bothered while in our room despite sleeping late numerous days.


I live under a rock apparently! Well outside of Disney, we usually rent condos or rental houses instead of staying at hotels so this may explain why I do not know this is a thing. Makes sense. But when there is a will, there’s a way sadly. Disney’s just doing their part :pensive:

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I’ve never had a problem with them being intrusive. We’ve usually got the DND up, and they just come in when we’re out to do trash and towels.

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This was a big thing after Las Vegas. While I have not been back to WDW since COVID, I have been to Universal this year multiple times. They are not doing this at all anymore. I have stayed in my room multiple times for a good portion of the day and no one is going in and out of rooms.

I like the idea, but IMHO it’s one of those things that after COVID with staffing shortages they can’t / don’t want to do anymore. It cost money to pay labor hours to have someone going up an down the halls that isn’t actively doing housekeeping or some other duty.

If you have your DND sign up you’re going to be fine. IME - They are only doing housekeeping in available rooms and that “counts” as security checks should anyone ask them…

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What do they do then?

my experience has been pretty discreet - every time we’ve stayed at a WDW resort in the past few years we’ve had the DND sign out for the entire stay, because we generally don’t need or want any housekeeping during a short stay, and we’ve never been disturbed. I would guess that for rooms that have the DND sign out, they probably go knocking around in the middle of the day when most people are out. If they even do this anymore, I’m not sure?

To OP I would suggest leave the DND sign off the door when you’re out and on when you’re in napping, and chances of anyone bothering you are pretty slim.

I asked because we had an “incident” with the security check last year. The cast member was very intrusive and we were in the process of getting ready to leave the room. Kindof freaked my kid out, so I’d prefer not to repeat that.

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That’s bizarre… They should obviously come back later in such a case. I would give pretty strong feedback if that happened to me. Which hotel, out of curiousity?

It was AoA and we called management right away - ended up switching rooms.

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We had them bang on the door several times at FQ because we had the DND sign up. If you don’t, they have been known to walk right in if you don’t open the door quickly enough.

My last few stays at BW they called and asked when would be a good time since we had our sign out. I have also always had a flyer in the room notifying me that room checks happen.

Since Universal has daily housekeeping I thought that was their process?

Again, I haven’t been back to WDW. I can only say what’s happening at UOR. I like the room checks. I just haven’t seen it happening IME

Housekeeping counts as a daily check so they are doing it at Universal as @PrincipalTinker said.


I’ve had the security checkers several times come knocking on the door while my kids are napping in the afternoon or still asleep in late morning even though the DND sign was up. Telling them my kids were asleep did no good, they insisted on coming in to look around and that was the end of the nap. They make a point of the check not being optional once they show up

In April 2021 at GF housekeeping was finally coming by at around 4:30 PM as we were getting showered after swimming and before dinner. I explained the situation asked them to just give us a few towels. 30 min later the manager was at our door explaining that we would have regular security checks if we were going to refuse housekeeping (??!!!). Next time housekeeping came while we were in the room it was mid-afternoon and I was trying to settle my kids down for a nap. I just let her do her thing while I read them a story, afraid to turn them away again.

Another time when just DS12 and I were staying at POFQ they did a room check while we were gone and we returned after dark to find all the lights on in the room and the curtains (we had a corner room with 2 windows) pulled wide open for everyone who passed by to see what was in our room. There were no clean towels etc so I knew it wasn’t housekeeping.

All of this is one big part of why Swolphin is my go-to now.