Room requests in these trying times

So, I know we have the room request tracking thread. As of late, it seems an increasing number of people aren’t getting their room request.

I think this is partially due to the fact they are filling up the hotels, which means accommodating requests is harder to do. But…do we know that requests made from TP versus just making a request when you do the online check in is really resulting in increased success? At one time, it was the case…but I wonder now.

I don’t see too many (any?) room request data from those other than when made through TP. Anyone NOT making requests via TP and having any success?

This does lead me to a question, though. I recall reading in the past that having a later check in time might result in greater likelihood of getting your room request because they have more rooms cleaned and ready to go…but that assumes they are looking at the request at the last minute!

So, is there any advantage or disadvantage to setting your check in time earlier or later? I do realize there are official check in times, but I also see folks post their room is ready quite early sometimes. In our case, technically the day of our split stay, we would be ready to check in as soon as we check out of the first hotel. But should we put 10:00 am check in time (for example) or not?

And…if I put the same identical language in the check in room request info as I do in the TP request, is there any harm in doing so?


NOT my experience. In fact my experience is the opposite. As I understand it, rooms are technically assigned about 5 days out. BUT what can happen is someone who checks in earlier doesn’t like their room and goes to the front desk to whine about it. They look at what is open for check-in that day and who has not gotten there or gotten their room assignment text yet, and what do you know, there’s one that will make the person standing in front of them happy. And it doesn’t have a scheduled arrival time until much later. Pop the later arrival out of that room and give it to the squeaky wheel in front of them, leaving the later check-in with the less desirable room.

99% sure that is what happened to me at POFQ. My arrival was not slated until after midnight. ALL I’d asked for was literally “as close to the main building as possible since I’m solo and arriving late” (yes, I selected a room and left the selection line as-was because that’s room assigner speak…I added the simple sole request in the box). I got there and was literally in the room at POFQ that was the closest to POR (ergo the furthest from the main building). And this was pre-COVID. I find it hard to believe that the room I got was the only one available for my room type when the assigner was doing it - with “as close to the main building as possible” as the only request… Yeah, 99% sure that whoever had been given that room initially went over and then immediately back to the front desk to say “Nope!”

The “room request” with online check-in is so basic and limited. If you’re doing a TP request, DO NOT DO THE ONLINE CHECK-IN REQUEST. That online check-in request overrides everything.

LEAVE the text in the box under “For our upcoming stay, I would like to request this type of room” as that is in assigner-speak.

Use the Additional Information box for more detail.
Try to limit it to no more than 3 requests, and put them in priority order.
For example, when I was at Sports in a Preferred Room, it said
“I’d like to request the following type of room:
1st priority - Surf’s Up section
2nd priority - 3rd floor
3rd priority - Corner Room”
That way the assigner knew what I was looking for and could look first for rooms in Surf’s Up; then any on Third Floor; then any on the corner. I ended up Surf’s Up, Third Floor, next-to-corner room.

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Interesting take. Never thought of that! So, that suggests there may be an advantage to putting your check-in time earlier rather than later. (Maybe.)


IDK. Because even when I’ve put it in earlier, I don’t get the room-ready text (or the “not quite ready” text) until I’m pulling into property.

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2 times we stayed in the last year we had zero luck with TP room requests. This last time at AK lodge i did not do the room request on TP but called WDW and asked the cast memeber to make a note of my room request. I asked if we could stay closer to the lobby facing the Uzima savannah. We recieved just that. We were on the 3rd floor which is lobby level and one of the first rooms facing the savannah we wanted. Beautiful sunrise :blush: I also called and asked for a room request for our OCT stay. Staying at coronado. Asked for connecting rooms in building 8A…we shall see what happens. But if I get what I want this time I will not be filling out the TP request anymore. At least until i see that it is more successful

I have not had any luck w/ room requests from TP, but I have been able to get a room adjustment at check in at the front desk. TP helps me figure out where I want to be, but then I need to talk to a live person to get what I want.

I called the Aulani front desk today to ask them to make note of my room request since there is NO way to do it online. They gave their standard, “we can’t promise anything” but they did note my reasoning and maybe that will help.

I have gotten one of the rooms I requested 3 out of 5 times in the last year or so. Not always the optimal room, but generally one of those I requested or equivalent.

The two times I did not get what I requested, I was still relatively satisfied with my room.

When I make a room request, I do NOT fill in the online check-in request box. Also my check-in time is usually around 6pm, but I have checked in as early as noon. There was no correlation for me between check-in time and how close my room matched my request. But not a lot of data points to go on.

I’ve done that as well, putting in my request by calling Disney. Got the room next door. Was very happy. I’ve tried TP several times and have never gotten anything close to my request and only once did I ask to change rooms after receiving room text. I was given another room which actually matched my TP request. I will say though, on 2 occasions the room received we really liked due to view or location.

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If you are planning to be at the hotel by 10am then yes put that time. One time we did that and our room was ready by 11. We had just spent time at the pool while waiting. Another time, we did the same and our room still wasn’t ready by 2:30. I know check isn’t until 4. I asked front desk if they had any info on how much longer. Said we had been there since 11 swimming while we wait and kids were tired and cranky (truth). She found us a different room which ended up being in a preferred location (paid standard).


When I went over my birthday last July, I got there before check-in time - and had put my flight landing time (which ended up being initial flight landing time as I ended up changing the flight to the night before and staying at the Hyatt but leaving DME the same). As the bus pulled into CSR property, I got the “your room’s not quite ready” email and text. Because of a snafu with my Magic Band in February, I went to the desk just to make sure it was all linked up, and without my asking (I even led with “I know my room’s not available yet, and I’m fine with that.”) the CM at the desk looked to see if there was anything available to get me in then. She found one - it was nothing close to my requests, but I ended up loving the location (Casitas, just across the bridges).

Lesson learned: Don’t automatically check your bags with bell services if you’re going to the desk for anything. I hadn’t, and I’m really glad as I would have been back to retrieve them within like 5 minutes of checking them. Just do what you need to at the desk and then check them. (Or I guess if there is a line at bell services and you have someone you can leave in line, just have them wait (and let others go in front if necessary) and then you can text them “Check them” or “We’ve got a room”)

So sometimes it works out.


I put in a room request via touring plans but have yet to have any sucess. I also do on-line check-in. This time I used the Disney app to find our room and unlock it via our cell phone. This time we got the complete opposite of what I had requested at POP. Talking to a CM she told me that the best way to get what you want is come to the desk and request it. They can make changes for you if possible. She said Housekeeping seldom reads requests as there are so many and only so many that might fit your request. Secondly she said not to use the new go to and unlock your room feature as it probably won’t be what you want. Go to the desk first thing to check-in and request what your looking for. I hate to say it but this sites room request is basically worthless.


I’ve actually had pretty great success with TP room requests. Mostly at the deluxe resorts vs moderate or value, but rarely has my request been way off from what I requested.

I always do a TP request and do checkin online with WDW while omitting any requests there.


While I’ve never gotten the exact room I requested, I have gotten the building that I requested. At Pop, I always request building 6 of the 70’s sections and have always gotten it. Of the three times that I specifically asked for first floor, building 6, I’ve gotten first floor two of the three times. The other one was second floor.

After years of trips, I’ve realized that it’s really not the room I want, it’s the specific location of that room.
I’ve stated in my last several requests that I don’t want an exact room, I want the location.

When we’ve stayed at Wilderness Lodge on two trips, I did get a room that was next to or the floor above my request. These were during the second half of a split stay and rooms were ready around 3:00PM both times.

My last request in October 2021 was for a non-connecting room in the Fantasia section at ASMo for two nights before a Disney Cruise. I got exactly that. I stated in the request that I don’t have a specific room request (but left the room assigner speak text) but just wanted a non-connecting room in the Fantasia section. I think something that’s a more broad request is easier to fulfill. We arrived at the resort around 9:30AM, went to brunch at Disney Springs, and got the room ready text just as we finished eating around 11:30AM.

After the cruise we stayed at GDT. I did not request a room but got an awesome one on the 6th floor with views of Spaceship Earth, Swalfin, DHS/ToT/Galaxy’s Edge, and Everest (or at least it looks like EE in the picture). We arrived via Disney transport at 10:30 and room ready text at 11AM.

Like @lizzieanne771 says, I think the additional box is key with priorities which is what I have been doing the last several trips. I’ll put building number and non-connecting room and state that I don’t have a specific room request.


This is key. I think that it’s crazy we Liners think we are going to get the exact room we request. The likelihood of that exact room being available is probably slim to none and that leads to disappointment.


I’m using the additional box. For our SSR stay, really my number one priority is Congress Park, with a room as close to the walkway to DS as possible. That’s really it. If we don’t end up in Congress Park at all, then we could have been placed in ANY SSR room…which means I booked preferred points unnecessarily. We have zero desire to be in the preferred section The Springs. Some of the buildings in The Paddock are closer than The Springs.

So, mostly, I just want to ensure we end up in Congress Park.

At our BWV leg of the stay, we have preferences, but honestly, anything will work fine for us there.


I think that’s your best approach.

I’d put

“I’d like to request any Studio/1BR/2BR (I’m not sure what you have) in Congress Park. Any building, any floor - as long as it is in Congress Park. Thank you!”

(Honestly I’d leave off the “as close to the walkway as possible” off and when you check in, if it’s not close enough you could ask if there is one closer - I just wouldn’t muddy the waters with that when you really just want Congress Park.)


Well, to be clear, the reason we want Congress Park is…to be as close to the DS walkway as possible. :slight_smile: Being within easy walking distance to DS is the only reason we picked a preferred room. I think, technically speaking, the Paddock building closest to DS is actually closer to the walkway than the furthest Congress Park building, for example. (They are probably similarly close, though.)

Hopefully I’m fretting for nothing. :slight_smile: It is just, all of the preferred rooms are completely booked at SSR for the days we’re there, so I do worry we won’t end up with what we want.


Got it.

That’s why I’d keep it simple with just Congress Park. (There are Preferred 1BR showing on the D+ deal. I keep looking to see what options I have if I 86 AKL.)

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SSR is one of the only resorts where I haven’t come close to getting my room request the few times I’ve stayed there. My request is always upper floor Grandstand section and as close to the pool as possible. I’ve been in carousel and paddock every time. 1 time on the first floor and never in a building beside the paddock pool.

I would request any room in the 2 buildings closest to DS and cross all your fingers and toes.

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