Room requests in these trying times

I had a question about check in day and room requests as well. Last time we checked in on a Sunday and didn’t receive a room anywhere near our request. I’m wondering if that is because many people begin their vacations on a Friday/Saturday and the hotel was largely full. This August we are checking in on a Friday. Curious if we will have more ability to make a request. I think I’m going to have my TA make the request this time and see how that goes.

Bottom line is people are always checking in and out at Disney and requests are just requests. I’ve only gotten super close ONCE. Another time was the POFQ where I was literally closer to POR than the main POFQ building. Then Poly Studio I got building but not floor or side. And last summer I don’t know if would have gotten anything close, but she put me in something right away.

I look at it as “Hey, it’ll be cool if I get it, but I know there’s a chance I won’t, and I’m not going to ruin a day of my vacation going to squeak at the front desk.” I don’t go to Disney to sit in the room anyway.

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It’s essentially useless.


This is basically how I feel. I would love a lake & boardwalk view (Yacht Club - water view category) instead of a pool view, but that means there are a LOT of rooms that could work. I’m not going to stress about it.

It certainly would not hurt to say “Request a lake view” (I would leave off the “rather than a pool view” as that could confuse the assigner. Think KISS. :smiley:

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I have only stayed on property twice (+ Swan once) and both times we did not get requested room - but I loved the rooms we got. CBR, we were between the bridge & Skyliner, it worked out well. POR we got a Royal River View (which we had woods view booked) Next up is SSR. I did exchange thru interval. So I assume it’s just a regular 1 bdrm. I would love to be in Congress Park. But we’ll have a car (as last 5 days is at off-site time share) So I’m sure I’ll be fine with anything. We don’t mind extra walking.

Got back two weeks ago.

I requested a specific room through TP for POFQ. My welcome text indicated that what I got was that room one floor up.

I stopped to check in in person though, because I had Disney gift cards I wanted to use to pay for my stay instead of the credit card they had on file. And when I did that they tried to change me to a different building. Didn’t change though, and got the room they had texted me about.

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