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Touring plans info on Jambo house, 1 bedroom villa incorrect. There is only one bathroom and no walk in shower. I purchased dvc points and made room reservations based on this info believing the room has a walk-in shower. Now I cannot make a change to a handicap room. I am in deep trouble now that I spent so much money on this and two folks in my party cannot step into a tub shower. How can I fix this? Here is the erroneous info

Jambo does have only 1 bathroom. Kidani has 2.

To report an error found in the TP site, you can submit a request

Are you at AK now? Talk to the front desk to see if they can accommodate your needs.

Haven’t check in yet? You can use the TP room finder to view information for each room. TP is a third party site so information is based on research and submittals. WDW should be contacted as the source of information.

You are renting points? From who? When is your reservation?

So, I know the AKL room info has been wrong at times but I was really bothered by your post so I went to look. This is at the top of the page:

It clearly states that Kidani has extra bathrooms (that is why the chart below this text has the range).

Further down:


I don’t understand what you see as erroneous. The diagram you posted shows step in tub/showers, not walk ins. Maybe I’m just not seeing it.

OP needs a walk in shower. They are saying the layout is not accurate for Jambo House, because Jambo House doesn’t have a second bathroom or a walk in shower in the 1 bathroom they do have.

I guess I would refer OP back to whomever it is who has rented them points. I can see how the diagram above is a bit confusing and while I agree the information should be kept as accurate as possible, TP is not renting the points. It would be incumbent upon whom ever was renting the points to provide clear and accurate information to the OP concerning what the layout was. There are plenty of images out there that reflect there being a distinct difference in the 1BR layout at Jambo as compared to Kidani. I don’t see us as a family staying at Jambo for the fact that there is just 1 bathroom. I am aware of the difference because I have researched the heck out of it. Even the DVC page does not make any reference to the type of bathroom accommodation either location offers so a person would have to inquire when booking.

If I were OP and realized my error I would contact whomever rented me the points and made my booking and explain the issue to them. Handicap access is important and approached pleasantly they may do whatever they can to make the necessary change.


The diagram reflects both bathrooms which are noted as different on the text above the diagram -right?

Edited to add the link to the page

When are you going? Kidani always has more availability than Jambo so the DVC member from whom you rented points might be able to call and try to switch the reservation to Kidani.
Be aware that only the Master bathroom may have a walk-in shower at Kidani, although I’ve never stayed in a accessible room.
Alternatively, have you tried calling Jambo to ask about an accessible room? Maybe they can make it work directly with you.

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The OP is absolutely correct. The page on the TP site is incorrect. It says that is the layout for the Jambo House and Kidani Village. Nothing there states that not to be the case.

That doesn’t help with the problem, nor would I suggest that TP is at fault for the mix-up, but I don’t think we need to try to defend TP here. TP should probably add a note to clarify the difference in the diagram.

The wording of the text on the same page does mention that Kidani has one more bathroom than Jambo house, but doesn’t explicitly state that Jambo house only has one bathroom. At best I would call it unclear.


I’ve always thought it confusing. If one didn’t know the layout of Jambo and Kidani are quite different, one wouldn’t know to ask.

Especially when the heading on the image showing the room layout explicitly says it is for Jambo House and Kidani!

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I read it differently but of course I find the 3D walk throughs of every DVC room I book so I may infer based on background knowledge.

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Agreed. I don’t think it’s TP’s fault that OP didn’t double check with the official site (which saying nothing about a shower at all) before booking, but it is pretty confusing and that’s unexpected because most everything else is very accurate here.

I didn’t mean to say it’s their fault . At the same time I don’t think it’s wise to rely on one third-party information source for information. For example, although I think my neighbor who is a restaurant industry professional in my local area might know the reservation policy for a restaurant he doesn’t manage, I wouldn’t rely on that - and in fact the neighbor should reply by saying “I believe this to be the case, but it would be best to call them directly and ask.” In this same way, although TP has the information on their site and in their book, they might do well to include a disclaimer (if they don’t already, which would surprise me) that “although this information is correct at the time of printing/publishing, guests should confirm directly with the hotel”

Just my two cents.

FWIW I find that diagram above to be incredibly confusing. I cannot tell which is for jambo and which is for kidani. The only separation I see is for the studio. So I get why it would be confusing to OP and I sympathise with the frustration they are feeling.

Again, I’m sure that Disney - or the points rental source - would be happy to try to work something out for an accessibility need if approached pleasantly and in due time.


Thanks for you input everyone. I agree I should have checked other sources…not sure what I was thinking. I find this site info to be very thorough generally. My goal with posting is to try and get this site to make some updates to this info and to also try and get the accommodations we need. I have received input on ways/ideas to do both those things. When you book a dvc room it’s a specific room and in October when we are going everything at Jamba house and kudani is booked (dvc) at least that is what I am being told. I am still hoping to find a way to switch to a handicap room but have not figured out how yet.

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Have you rented through an individual owner or a rental company ? The member can call member services and request what you need. It may be impossible but at least they can try!

I don’t think that’s accurate. You book a room type. But the actual room assignment doesn’t happen until day of arrival.

That is correct. Except that the room will be allocated about 5 days prior to your arrival.

However the key thing here appears to be that the OP really needed an accessible room. And that needed to have been requested at the time of booking.

The only person who can do anything about that now is the owner, whether OP booked through a broker or privately. And it will depend on availability. If not all the accessible rooms have been requested for the time frame of OPs stay, then the accessible rooms will be allocated to anyone else.

So there is still a possibility that even if the resort is fully booked, that the request for an accessible room can still be accommodated. They need to contact the owner /broker ASAP and see if the owner is willing to call DVC.