Rookie planning mistake

I spent the afternoon calmly reviewing my outline plans for my upcoming trip when I realised I’d made a horrifying mistake. (Obviously I didn’t make any changes as I’m not allowed to make any more until 1st May.)

I had colour-coded the plans by event, e.g. ADRs and FPPs were in red, park time in grey, and so on.

I realised that I should have colour-coded them by park. Imagine what a disastrous trip I would have had if I hadn’t realised!

But here’s my question to you: what colour would you allocate to each park. There is — of course — a correct answer. Clue: start with AK — that’s an obvious one.

My colour codes are:

AK - yellow/orange
HS - purple
Epcot - green
MK - blue or red

MK is red because Mickey wears red shorts.

(I know you can choose whatever colours you want! I’m just wondering if anyone else chooses the same colours as I do.)

AK = green for the tree
HS = yellow for gold stars


Gold stars for you, too!

great minds :wink:

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heh… AK yellow/orange for the sun on the Savannah - the dried out parts.

Epcot is green because there’s so much greenery, like the flower and garden show

I forget why I picked purple for HS, but maybe because it was close to that Mickey-hat blue

I did blue for MK, which should have been red because I use it for a background highlight, not for the font and the red turns pink if you lighten the colour.

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I went for blue for Epcot because WS surrounds a lake, and the Earth (as seen as a planet from space) is blue.

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I do this very thing.

MK is a darkish blue
EP is purple
HS is red
AK is green

I go by the colors as I believe they show up in Birnbaum AND according to my Starbucks You Are Here Park mugs, obviously


Compare and contrast.


Suddenly, it’s clear and makes sense! Good job :smiley:

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I don’t know what I was thinking with the first plan. It’s like I don’t even deserve to go.


Thank you for your proper use of em dashes… :slight_smile:


Actually, I think we’re both wrong. I believe the rule is either [space] n-dash [space] or [no space] m-dash [no space].

I’m old enough to remember real printing presses. We had once at school with actual lower and upper cases.

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Well, I was commenting more so on the use of an em dash instead of a hyphen. Actually, I was taught no spaces when em dashes are used in place of commas. At least according to the Texas Manual of Usage and Style.

(and, here we are discussing punctuation, yet again…)


There are two things which should be made criminal offences. First, the use of hyphens where an en or em dash is appropriate. Second, the use of inch marks where apostrophes are appropriate.

Take this monstrosity, for example:


Clearly, I could never visit THAT island . . .

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Close, but the colors are off for the parks. See my note above :wink:

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The correct colors are:
MK: blue
EP: yellow
HS: red
AK: green

Don’t believe me? Check out their logos:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m right and Disney is wrong.