Rookie planning mistake

Well I’m never wrong so… IJS

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For me
Mk: the current light blue you see most on their site or light purple
Epcot: steel gray to match spaceship earth.
Ak: green. Cause trees.
Hs: red because of the red carpet and roof of Chinese theater.

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My head hurts!Thanks

It just doesn’t matter if your color blind. SO THERE! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would have never picked red for MK, but blue. It just feels like it should be blue for me. Apparently Disney agrees, so I’m in good company. Perhaps it is because of the blue aspects to the castle.

The other parks, I have no clue which colors I would pick. But if I use the main object, then I’d pick gray/silver for Epcot (Spaceship Earth), and green or brown for AK because of the Tree of Life. HS? I got nothing. What is the iconic thing at HS? It doesn’t really have one in the same way the others do. The Micky Mouse ear water tower? So black?

It always seems to be represented lately by ToT, but I’m certain that will change. Personally I think it should be Chinese Theater (which - ahem - is red)

You’d think…but then again, last time we were there, the Chinese Theater was kind of hidden by the state they have out for the Star Wars show, etc. So it is hard to call it iconic when you can’t really see it clearly.

I guess ToT could make sense, since it is visible throughout much of the park. But I don’t know. The logo brklinck posted has the water tower, but in red…which is weird since it is primarily black and white.

Isnt the water tower gone? How can that be iconic?

Is it? I don’t know, then.

I hard a hard time considering a water tower (a fake one at that) as an “iconic” thing at HS, despite having been there so long. It just was the only thing that kind of stands out.

Which means nothing really is left that stands out as iconic. Maybe after they finish the Star Wars land, etc., they will give us something icon. I think it is a bit of a cheat for the Chinese Theater to be it since that is merely a replica of the actual Chinese Theater.

Mickey’s Sorderer’s Apprentice hat from Fantasia could have been it perhaps, for a time.

Before the Sorcerer Hat, it was though.

All of this said, eventually the icon will be the Death Star. :roll_eyes:

We already have one of those in Epcot. :wink:

Noooooooooooooooooooooo :sob::sob::sob:

Ok then probably the Millenium Falcon or that silly AT-AT

To be fair (and to my color-coding ocd heart), that IS way better and more readable. I just have a google doc that I keep all my planning in, but this is #goals.

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I’m not going to lie to you: I am somewhat proud of it and consider it a thing of beauty :smiley: