see or not to see?

Curious on everyone’s thoughts on Rivers of Light in AK. I have never found the time to see it on past 2 trips and was going to attempt to get there this upcoking trip. Should I even bother or will my time be better spent hanging out elsewhere? It will be me DH, DD10, DD,8 and DS4

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It’s decent but I wouldn’t bend over backwards to make it work in my plans.


It’s a nice way to relax at the end of the day. I won’t stand in line for it, but if my ADR has a ROL viewing, I’ll definitely go


I really like it, but I didn’t get to see it on my last trip. If you are already in the park for the evening, I would go, but I wouldn’t make a special trip and skip another night show to fit it in.


This was my thought. Have ADR for Tusker in the morning. Tried to get the dining package but no avaialability for the times i need.

Anyone know of anywhere you can catch a glimpse of it but if you are not in the viewing area? Never really paid much attention.

@sanstitre_has_left_the_building mentioned something recently but I’m not sure to where he was referring

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Yes. You get a good view here:


This is the view:


It’s arguably better than the seated areas because you get the wonderful backdrop of EE and it’s easy to escape once the show’s over.


Awesome thanks! Def going to check this spot out

It does look like a great spot!

Bookmarked! Thanks!

thanks for tip. now I won’t burn a fast pass

It is a must do for our family. For reference, F52, M47, M33, and F14. We have made it a priority since first seeing it during spring break 2017. I’ve now seen it 4 times and will see it again this fall in its new iteration.

I’m one of the folks that thought it was amazing as it was and am not really on board with the changes but they left my favorite piece of music in, so I’ll deal.

I have the CD and play it frequently.

It’s not fireworks…it’s light and lasers and a water screen and fire and water fountains. It is my favorite night time show…or was. I’ll see where it fits after the next viewing but I still wouldn’t miss it.

Others positively loathe it and even more are completely ambivalent.

There are stories of folks finding easy seats and it being empty but every time I’ve seen it, it’s been standing room only.

As always, I recommend folks try things for themselves because what one person loves at Disney another will hate and vice versa. #LongLiveTheTikiRoom for instance and if they pulled Flight of Passage tomorrow, I wouldn’t care.


We use our Tusker House meal to get our “FastPass” for it because I hate letting one sit at the end of the day, too.

See, that feels too far away for me and EE would distract me from the show.

And if you do get seating, avoid the front rows that are concrete and opt for the higher seats with the wooden benches.


I am pretty sure that I would love it. Never seen it but actually listen to the music and enjoy it. Not so sure my kids would share my enthusiasm. Especially if we have to wait for 45 mins to get in.

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I used to use a FP on it but that was Pre-Pandora. Then I went to RD Pandora and still use a FP on it. Then I switched to the Tusker House meal plan to free up that 3rd FP. It’s been my favorite option. Keep trying to catch a time that works for you…sending Pixie Dust your way!

Also, if MouseMatt’s spot was the only way for me to see it, I’d take it. :slight_smile:

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