RNR and EE

I tend to get motion sick, so I am a bit nervous about these two rides. I do okay on splash, mine train, thunder mountain. Space made my neck hurt. I am worried about the backwards part and the upside parts. How bad is it if you are prone to motion sickness? Kids are older and will likely want to ride them.

I can’t speak to the motion sickness aspect of these rides but I think they are both very smooth. Not nearly as jerky as Space.

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Ditto to the above. Have you been upside down before? I don’t find RNR to disorienting as it is very quick and doesn’t do a lot of little tight turns, but instead does more cruising loops. Ride in the front and it is a smoother ride. If you have never been upside down, you may just have to bite the bullet and try it.

Maybe do wristbands or Dramamine or both to be safe?

Side note, this may be an unpopular opinion but I don’t view either of those rides as particularly spectacular. They are good rides but not particularly iconic or ingenious. I love roller coasters so I ride them, but if I miss one, it’s no worry. (Not like missing splash or tower of terror)

Now if the yeti ever starts running again or if they finally re-theme RNR, I might have a different opinion.

I love RnRC and I think if you ride in front, it’s not too bad, in large part because you can’t see all that much. EE does make me a little bit motion sick and I don’t think it’s as good of a ride.

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I do not get motion sick on either, but my head does get a little bit swirly on EE

++ @ApolloAndy … on both rides make sure you keep your head on the headrest especially EE when it rolls backwards.

My mother has some motion sickness issues (teacups are always a no go and even avoids things like the carousel). She really enjoys Rocking Roller Coaster. EE is a once per vacation for her (she could ride RRC multiple times a day). She says the smooth coasters are more likely to maker her motion sick.

She loves ride Big Thunder, 7DMT, Splsh, Space and Star Tours. EE gave her issues the first time she rode it (the backwards portion did her in). She was nauseous after riding it and went back to the hotel. Later in the day, she was much better. She tried EE again on our most recent trip at the end of the day and was okay this time.

If you are prone to motion sickness, then BOTH rides might trigger it.

Motion sickness is caused when what the body feels is disconnected from what the eye sees. Considering RnRC is all in the dark, and EE is partially in the dark, plus has a backwards section, they are prime candidates to cause motion sickness.

HOWEVER, having said that, RnRC is only 1 minute 22 seconds long, so it might not be long enough to do much damage. And EE is kind of “broken up” into stages, so the brief pauses in action might be enough to keep motion sickness at bay.

After I turned 30, I became more prone to motion sickness. Generally, coasters don’t do it to me…but coasters with too many inversions do. RnRC only as 3 inversions, so it isn’t bad. No inversions on EE, but the section in the darkness is disorienting.

I’ve never done an upside down roller coaster before. But I do get nauseous riding backwards on a train. I don’t want to ruin the day by feeling sick from a ride. But RnRC does look really cool!

You might schedule it for one of the last things to do in the day. If you do end up with motion sickness, you’ll be done with the day and can go to bed! If you don’t, you’ll know for the future.

But I do know the feeling. A few years back, I took two of my sons and their friend to Cedar Point. We were riding everything. But, for whatever reason, when we got on Rougarou, halfway through the ride, I felt like I was going to throw up. When we got to the end, I wasn’t sure I would make it off the ride without puking. I managed to, and RAN from the exit ramp to an area where I could immediately lay down. Unfortunately, I was done riding coasters for the rest of the day. Not sure why that ride did it to me, but nothing else had bothered me. It isn’t even like that ride is terribly wild. But there are 4 inversions.

@Princess_K - I could have written your initial post word for word - that is exactly my experience. For me, EE was brutal and I felt ‘off’ for several hours. I was fine until it went backwards. RnRC was alright, especially riding at the very front (I asked and they accommodated me). To be honest, I’m pretty sure I had my eyes closed for most of it and barely noticed going upside down. :upside_down_face: I still took Gravol each day (I think the same as US Dramamine?). DH was a one and done with EE as well but our then-teen boys loved it and rode it multiple times. RnRC we all enjoyed a few times over our trips. Good luck!

I don’t tend to get motion sick unless I am spinning. Tea cups are killer. No problem with RnR however there is something about the backward movement of EE that just does not settle with me.

I don’t usually get motion sick unless I have a bit of dehydration - however, if it’s going to happen, two rides usually trigger me getting a little queasy - EE and Mission Space Orange. Never had an issue on RNRRC.

I think it is the backward movement in combination with the darkness. You can see NOTHING while going backwards, so your brain has absolutely no visual clues to work with. This is quite different from RNRC, despite it also being in the dark, because RNRC gives you “sights” along the ride for your brain to connect the motion with.

I love both and ride them multiple times each trip, but the backwards part of EE is quite a force multiplier. I LOVE that so I always sit in the front, but try asking for the back, because as the coaster starts backwards your part of it (in the back) will be going at a slower speed as it goes from zero to (whatver the top backward speed is) That way when you are in the most intense part where it curves, you will be going slower and maybe have less force and motion. Make sense?
And for those who love that feeling, ask to sit in the front! I’ve done both and there is a noticeable difference.

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Yeah probably right about that, the darkness is what does it

When rougarou was mantis, it used to get to me a bit too. Don’t know why as a stand up it was an issue - with the newer trains it doesn’t bother me anymore. Now I only have the stupid slow and jerky corkscrew to worry about.

What’s anyone’s worst experience on Mission Space Orange? I really want to try it because I want to fly to Mars! Mission Space Green doesn’t sound as interesting as you’re just flying round the Earth.

Do you get motion sickness or claustrophobia? If not, you should be fine. I now skip it because I find it boring, but I used to love it. But it would be very tough if you have either of those.