Rivers of Light nightmare

Thanks. I only have 3 park days this trip and ADRs are set for the week. I can only go to AK 8/4. I currently have 2 ADRs for Y&Y (4:30 & 6:30) because they still do not list the ROL time. Once I know the time I will get rid of the extra ADR.
We never do 2 sit downs in one day, but would do it to see ROL!

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I’ve tried all dates from 13th to 26th August but no look do you think they have all gone then if you say you booked ADR for 4 oclock on the 25th?

My 180 ADR day is coming up soon, if I book TH normal can I convert it to RoL package relatively easily once they become available or do I need to cancel and then rebook?? I’m in the UK so calling up can be a bit of a pain (and also expensive!) TIA

Just been on and yes you can get some but need to look at 4,0 clock onwards I’ve just booked 4.10 on the 21st August

Yes just book your new ADR then once confirmed cancel your old Tusker one really easy to do I’m from UK and have been swapping and changing all the time we keep changing our minds what to do

I agree. I wouldn’t call to convert one to the other. Just book a new one online and cancel the old one.

I’m glad you found one! I bet better times will open up later today or tomorrow.

All because of your help I’ve been putting in breakfast times at Tuskers so a big thank you😀


You’re welcome!

Nothing available for me for TH breakfast on 8/4.

Thanks :slight_smile: I feel like I have changed my mind 100 times and I’m not even at adr day!!

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I’ve been trying for Breakfast to be honest with no joy so I have booked one for dinner will change it if breakfast one becomes available at a later date I had same problem with the Fantasmic dinner package I had to have one at 3.10 so will just go into park a bit later.

Haha. Sounds just like me the more you look the harder the choice

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I just called and they said they are in the system but not available for booking yet. Anyone that was able to get one was just lucky. They just loaded them today, but can’t be booked yet.

Also, they said there are lots available at all times they just can’t be booked yet.


Funny, thanks to you, i now realize i have an ADR the same day, same time. If we dont get a breakfast time, we’ll see each other. :smile:

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How fun! I always enjoy meeting Forum friends. I’m kind of thinking we might keep the early dinner time now that I have it. I had wanted lunch, but that time sounds as good as any other. I guess we have 5 months to make changes!

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I was interested in booking ROL dining package once my 180 days happens. From the sound of this thread, it seems like the dining package isn’t made available at 180? When does it become available?

Feeling your pain. Waiting to book ours for September.

Noticed also that it’s only being offered every other day - have had to alter my ‘plans’ already! Grrrr…

Many of the dining packages and dessert parties become available later. There isn’t a set schedule. Check at 180, and if something special like that isn’t available, then don’t worry. Just keep checking.