Rivers of Light nightmare

I have just been on my Disney Account to try to book the Rivers of Light dinning package for August they have now put dates in BLUE but still will not let you book either Tusker House or Tiffins I’ve tried 16 different dates but still no joy. Any ideas what’s going on with it? :disappointed:

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Maybe it will work at 6 am (Eastern time) when the dining opens up for 180 today. I plan to check throughout the day. Thanks for the info.

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Yes will give that a try but the dates I’m chasing are well within the 180 time scale have already booked all other ADR weeks ago :weary: May give them a call later if still not working​:+1:

I think it’s just not open for July and August yet. As of yesterday, all the dates for July and August were grey. The newly blue dates might mean they will open soon, but don’t worry if they don’t. It’s not just you.

Thanks will keep trying anyway I enjoy the excitement booking these had same problem trying to get a good time at the Rose & Crown Epcot but managed to get 7.20 reservation in the end👍 Hopefully will get to watch fireworks if we drag our feet a little.


Did they open today? There is always a sequence- the dates show usually 2-48 hours before they open the reservations.

Well I went on yesterday and they are showing BLUE the day before July and August where showing as GREY so guessing they got released yesterday the 1st April

They turn blue before they are opened.

So do you reckon in the next week they will be available maybe?

It may be today! The thing is that it is not usually at 6 or 7 it can happen at random times of the day. Usually you can depend on seeing it reported on chat right away.

I have taken one for the team…I called them up at 9:30am EST and spoke to a Maria. She told me that it is not available on their calendar, but I told her that the dates up to September opened up this morning.

She checked with a supervisor and was told the same - they might get the online calendar updated soon.

We will probably have to wait until the Rivers of Light show calendar itself gets updated before the Dining package is bookable.

Well, we will just have to keep trying daily, just like what I have done in the past month.

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That’s great thanks for calling them I will keep checking everyday then good luck everyone fingers crossed sure we will get sorted👍

I also checked online today and it is blue but can’t be booked for August. I know they just announced nightly shows through the end of summer so hopefully it opens up soon!

Thanks for starting this thread, I searched last night, for the first time in a week, but thought I’d missed August packages being released. So it’s a relief to know there’s still a chance of reserving one. I’ve just searched again and still no luck. Perhaps we should have a search rota :grinning: Hope everyone eventually finds what they’re waiting for.

Also waiting for the release of august times. Still nothing to find.

Reminds me of the same situation regarding Fantasmic! Diner Package in the beginning of 2017.
Had the same issues while “practicing” for our ADRs :slight_smile:

Some dates/ restaurants are open

I updated the app and I’m not used to it yet. Where within dining do you look for the packages? We definitely want to see ROL, I already have a dinner ADR for Y&Y so I’m going to try for a breakfast at TH.

I have been trying again all day but still no luck I will keep trying and as soon as some become available for August I will jump back on here to let everyone know👍 I’m sure between us we will all get sorted I also had booked Yak & Yeti for Lunch as only intended to do AK once in our trip but have shuffled stuff about so can have another day there to book ROL package at Tuskers and maybe do Boma we are there for 16 nights so can move stuff about

I don’t think it’s showing up on the app yet, just on the website. I can use my browser on my phone to get to the page.

I got a 4 pm one for 8/25, but can’t find any breakfast or lunch times. I bet they’ll load more times today or tomorrow, especially if people start to cancel their not-ROL ADRs for Tusker House and Tiffins.

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