Rise of the Resistance Experience

I just wanted to share our experience yesterday in case it is helpful to anyone. We took the bus from Wilderness Lodge at 5:45. Went through security and stated to the right, against the fence. There were so many people trying to move up to meet their parties in the front of the line, people around us were getting a little angry. When they started letting people through the tapstiles, around 6:30, we moved to the right and made it thorough.

We were taking me daughter to meet Woody (we had a SDD FastPass and had ridden TSM the day before) so we went toward Toy Story Land. We figured most people waiting in line to enter the land were headed to SDD, so when I noticed the coffee cart was opened, we headed there instead. This was the best decision! We went down the street into the Incredibles area and sat on a bench while we waited. There were other people doing the same thing. It was much less stressful being away from the crowd and my daughter could run around for a few minutes.

I tried pressing My Status a few times while we waiting, but it wasn’t opened yet. (I had practiced at home a few times and refreshing on the My Status page did not work for me. I had to get out and get back in.) At exactly 7, the Join Boarding group turned red on the main page. I selected the other two people in my party who would be riding and got boarding group 6! The family next to us got 46 at almost the same time.

We went into Toy Story Land first and our boarding group was called at 7:11. We tried to ride just before 8:00 (had walked the whole way around since GE to TSL was exit only) and the ride was down. A cast member told us to come back when the board group number went from 14-15. Right after we talked to her, I noticed that our return time in the app had changed from 8:11 to 9:11. We exited GE back to TSL and used our SDD FastPass. By the time we were finished, boarding groups were moving again and thankfully we were able to go from TSL to GE this time without walking around the park.

We had to do a rider switch or “mission swap” as they called it because my daughter isn’t tall enough to ride. This was great because they allowed us to go through the FastPass line the second time. The ride was great and worth getting everyone up at 5:00 am! We were able to leave the park at 9:15 to get some breakfast and take a nap.


Great first post! Welcome!

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Was the ride experience a lot different going through the FastPass line? Wondering because we will be using a DAS pass when we (hopefully!) ride it next month.

Not at all. You enter directly at the start of the experience. It was quite nice (I have ridden 4 times regular queue, 1 in FP line).

Thanks! Good to know we won’t miss anything! Now to practice some quick tapping so we can get a boarding group…

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I agree! You miss some of the props in the queue, but it doesn’t impact the experience.

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