What's for Breakfast at HS while waiting for your BG to be called?

We’re going for Spring Break in April, I am planning on dragging DW out of bed early one morning to try and get a BG for ROTR.

I’m figuring on getting breakfast after the park opening. Looks like the QS options are Docking Bay 7, Ronto Roasters or Woody’s Lunch Box. I’m not interested in TS.

I’m guessing the Starbucks is swamped in the morning, is it open prior to park opening?

Am I missing something, any Joffrey’s stands inside the park? Is there one outside the gates?

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Starbucks is open when gates open (so before official park opening/RD) and was PACKED when I was there in January. Line well down the block outside, but not a lot of choices pre RD.
After RD, there’s the QS places you mention as well as two Joffrey’s locations. One on the way to TSL (by Neighborhood Bakery) and one at the exit of ToT

After getting our BG, we took the skyliner over to Riviera for a quick serve breakfast at Primo Piatto


The Happabore Sampler at Oga’s is a Charcuterie board but very different textural meats on it. It really did feel a little other worldly but pretty solid as a breakfast. Kind of Euro style. We had a 9:15am rez and got it then.

Out of the options you mentioned we had breakfast at Woody’s, Docking Bay and Trolley Starbuck. Starbucks was packed, but the line moved relatively quickly.

We liked Woody’s breakfast platter the most.

Three of us had breakfast at Ronto Roasters and really enjoyed it. Seven of us had breakfast at Woody’s and everyone liked the options and our food. These will be repeat visits next trip.

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This post from 2 weeks ago mentions a coffee cart being open on the way to TSL. You might tag the original poster for details.

This is the Joffrey’s location I mentioned above. We stopped by it after RDing TSMM and then using a SDD FP before our BG (around 8:30am). Could also have gone straight there instead of doing rides at RD as the post @amvanhoose linked describes!

Wow! What a great idea!

I was trying to figure out how to incorporate a trip on the Skyliner for our next visit. That would fill the bill quite nicely.

I hope you don’t mind me stealing your idea. :wink:

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Docking Bay breakfast was great! The atmosphere is cool and the food was pretty good. The breakfast potatoes were surprisingly better than most table service restaurants. Coffee was weak for me, so hit Starbucks up if you need caffeine, but prepare for a long line.

Disney is upping the breakfast choices at HS. Need to give people more options to stay in the park (and spend $$$$$) while waiting for their BG to be called.