Rider Switch - How Does It Work?

I’m not exactly sure why I can’t wrap my mind around the concept of the rider switch, but can someone explain it to me? I haven’t ever used it and I’m traveling with a large party that includes a 2 year old this summer. I’m booking all the fastpasses for the party, so do I just book fastpasses for everyone as I normally would and then the parents of the 2 yo can utilize the child swap? Do you have to have a FPP to use the child swap? Thanks!

It’s actually designed to work with standby and means that the second group don’t have to wait the full time, but you can use it with FP and that seems to be the way most do it now.

You only need a FP for the people who will be riding first. The parent waiting with the child can then take 2 people with them so they don’t have to ride alone. So for instance Mum, Dad, child and baby. Mum and child ride while Dad looks after baby. Dad can then ride with child while mum looks after baby.

To use it, just ask the CM at the entrance. They need to scan the bands of everyone in the second group to add the rider swap. Then it functions as a FP when they scan to ride. Works the same way for standby or FP.


OK, that makes sense. Thank you!

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Also worth noting that as of last week, the Rider Swap was good until the end of the day.


I’m glad I’m not the only one! If you see me on any post having to do with Rider Switch I’m proclaiming my ignorance! :slight_smile:

Just wanting to add, for the parents of the 2 year old, if they use rider switch with a FP, and since only 1 parent needs a FP to use RS, the other parent could get a FP to something near by the little one can ride at the same time. That’s what we plan to do. So Dad rides Space Mountain with a FP (mom gets rider switch), while Mom and 2 yr old ride It’s a Small World with a FP. Then Mom rides Space Mountain while Dad and 2 year old get an ice cream.


Oh, that is good info. Thank you!

I can attest to this, however, you can only hold one one RS at a time. So while you don’t have to ride back to back you also cannot save all of your RS passes until the end of the day.


That’s true. Although not having the one hour expiration window that was there previously came in handy a few times.


Rider swap is the best! My son for the past few years has benefited from this as his sister was to little so he got to ride space mountain, FOP etc twice back to back. He’s going to have a ruding awaking on our up coming trip as she is now tall enough and wants to go on everything. #disneyproblems


I jokingly told my DS8 that on our next trip, his little brother would be riding more rides so he wouldn’t be able to go on all the big stuff twice anymore. He replied that we should have another baby. :rofl:


This is why you stagger the RS, that way they both ride twice!

For this example I assume a family of Father, Mother, Son, Daughter (F, M, S, D)

Choose one FP for 7DMT at, let’s say, 10:00-11:00am for F and S.
Then choose another FP for 7DMT at 12:00-1:00pm for M and D

When you use your first FP have a return party for M and S for RS. Let’s say that D is too afraid to ride (you don’t actually need to give a reason to the CM). Then S and D swap bands and M and D ride with RS.

Then repeat the process when M and D use their FP at 12:00pm. M and D ride first, then F and S ride with RS.

Everybody wins! Just keep it quiet and don’t tell the haters, too may people around here like getting on their high horse.

Stay sneaky.


Also, the original party doesn’t necessarily need fpps. In other words, if you ride through the standby line, the second part of your party is allowed through the fastpass line. Up to 3 people.

The purpose of rider swap is so that the second part of fam doesn’t have to wait in line all over again.

The time commitment for that would be huge. Especially on something like FOP where it takes 30-40 mins to FP because of the preshows. You’re talking about 2.5 hours. It seems like wasted time to me personally.

Please don’t insult people for not thinking it’s right to lie. If you’re fine with it, go ahead. But don’t look down on others for not being fine with it.

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Yes, very true. The time use in RS is huge and it also helps to self regulate the system. Not many people will take advantage precisely because of the time it takes.

Honestly, it’s not a high horse to be sick of people trying to get around every rule at Disney. These types of “scams” only make it more difficult for folks with legitimate uses to utilize these nice services. The more people take advantage, then the more Disney is forced to crack down and make it more difficult for everyone.

The old paper Rider Swaps worked much more easily than the new digital method, but Disney had to crack down due to abuse. Now look what is happening to people with split stays and their FP+ because too many people were running the leading reservation scam.

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On my second trip to MK my son was sick with a stomach bug and we had a FP for all of us. The CM refused to let us use RS for BTMRR because he was too tall. I explained he wasnt feeling well but they said no if he’s tall enough no RS. So can I only use RS for shorter kids??

The official policy says that you can use it for anyone who doesn’t want to ride, but you’ll often get pushback from CMs.

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Is it worth it to show them the policy from WDW online? Don’t want to fight with the CMs but wondered if that would allow us to utilize the RS if something like that happens again.

They made me feel criminal when I tried to use it even though I was just trying to make sure the rest of our party got to ride it while he sat out. We ended up just forgoing the whole ride and put a damper on our moods a bit.

Yes I would have it on my phone ready. It’s their policy, they should know how it works. The trouble is that people cheat the system and Disney start shutting stuff down. And then the honest people are penalised too.

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