Rider Switch - How Does It Work?

I appreciate rider swap, but it’s definitely not a convenience that lets people with kids ride more rides. I look forward to my youngest hitting 48" so we can ride everything together.

However, my older kids are rooting against him getting tall enough by our next trip because they want double rides!

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No it’s a time suck but you only need to read this thread to see how it can be gamed so you get to ride a headliner twice using it. Saying that your kid is too scared to ride and then giving them the other kid’s band.

That’s unfortunate that that happened to you. What about a teenager with special needs who can’t/doesn’t want to ride rides but needs someone with him? Height is definitely not the only requirement.


This is the wording.

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Thank you!! I hope we don’t have any ill family this trip. But because my youngest really gets scared of FOP and I’m not about to force her on a ride she’s uncomfortable with and will want to utilize this.

I’m hoping they don’t give me any issues because I would really like to be able to enjoy it if I get a FP!

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I agree - I both love and hate rider switch. It’s great for where we are, so we can all ride, but planning and touring would be much easier if we didn’t need it.

Good luck!

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As a family of 6 with kids 9 and under we have used RS a lot in the past. I was looking forward to the day when we could finally all ride together as the youngest is now 41 inches. But guess what…now i am pregnant (yes, again!) And our next trip is in May. So while RS wont be necessary since i cant ride…now we have to navigate DH taking the 2 youngest (5 and 3) on 7DMT and SDD that only seat 2. The older ones are 9 and 7 so can ride together. It is never easy!!! But still worth it!

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