Rider Swap for Soarin - Can you bring baby all the way up to boarding?

We are bringing our 20 month old with us to WDW for his first time. It’s just my husband, myself, and our son. We want to do rider swap for Soarin with a FP. Even with a FP, it takes quite awhile to get through the line and pre show. I feel like it will take quite awhile for myself to go through Soarin’ and then to do rider swap…my husband will have to do the whole thing by himself. I am thinking that it will take an hour or maybe a little more with a FP and Rider swap. Question…is it possible to both walk through the FP line with our toddler but for example…I would get on the ride and then when the ride is done, I would immediately take my son and my husband would get right on the ride. Hope that makes sense. Is this possible?? Would save alot of time :slight_smile:



I think in general they don’t allow anyone under the height retirement in the line. Will they make any exception? Maybe?

I would recommend whoever waits first take the kid on Living with the land. Then during the second ride take him over to the seas to look at the aquarium or ride nemo and wait for the others to meet you there.


That is a good idea…but we want to experience those things together as a family. I would love if they would make an exception and let us go through the line/pre show together then just hand off our son to the other non riding adult :slight_smile: We shall see. Maybe someone has some experience in this?? Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I’m the same way, but just sitting and waiting is no fun. You can grab snacks at Sunshine Seasons. My 6 year old sun liked hunting lizards outside the entrance to the Land while waiting for my wife and daughter (I don’t remember why we were waiting), but your toddler might like just looking around while you wait also.

My toddler fell asleep on LwtL and then had a nice little nap while my wife waited for us to finish Soarin’. There is a waiting area with benches outside the ride, which is nice.

This is how rider swap used to work years ago, but not anymore. People complained that it was upsetting for their small child to go through the line and not be allowed to ride.


I loved rs this way. It was that way the last time I was at UOR. It worked great for us.

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Yes! It was so easy.

That is true haha. We have gone to WDW just the two of us alot. This will be a new experience with a toddler. We are looking forward to it but just sitting and waiting might not be the best idea either haha :slight_smile:

What does UOR mean? Some say they won’t let you do rider swap this way anymore…when was the last time you used RS this way? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks!! When was the last time you used RS this way where they let you have your baby with you up until the ride? Some say they won’t let you do that anymore. Thanks

That’s what I said, this is the way it used to be years ago, but not anymore, it’s the first thing I wrote.

They no longer allow anyone below the height requirement to enter the line. It’s been this way for years.

UOR is Universal Orlando Resort. They still do rider swap that way. WDW does not.

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As @missoverexcited they don’t let you do this at Disney, they do at Universal. I think it would be even better at Disney as they put a lot of effort into the line areas. But no I do not think they will let you do this at Soarin’.

Okay thanks :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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I hope RS doesn’t slow you down too much. Have a great time.

Yes, I hate doing RS on Soarin’ for this reason - it always takes 30 minutes for each rider to get through due to logistics. Lots of rides get close but this one is always the longest, in my experience.

If I had a time machine, this is the thing I would stop from happening. :joy:


They honestly can’t win, people complain about the way it is now as well. It was much quicker the old way though.


Definitely faster the other way, but the kid does have to wait in line. With the current way you have the option of doing something else.

If we could have both it would be ideal.


I loved the old way for kids that are under 2 or 3, but I can see how it would be frustrating for a slightly older kid that is just too short and wants to ride everything.