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Hello Liners, have to say I LOVE following along with the live reports. In this time of uncertainty, the last one posted was a great release.

So I am not sure how “LIVE” I will be able to keep this, but going to give it a shot. This has been a great community for me, so trying to give back a little.

First, the back story. We had a 40th Birthday trip planned for my wife over Memorial Day. With that cancellation, we took a stab at rescheduling for July. This has been a very difficult decision for us, but in the end, we have decided we are going to take reasonable steps and be cautious, but we are going to live our lives and that means vacation. I’m a believer in the power of them from a mental and emotional standpoint. I understand those that feel this may be reckless, but I feel the risk is out there no matter what we do, and we are going to have to manage it. The steps Disney has taken makes me feel good about this trip.

So with that said, tomorrow morning we head to Columbus to leave for the Magic. We have cut down on some park days and will be doing 5 days in the parks (was going to be 4 but decided to add Epcot last minute instead of a trip to Disney Springs). The rest of the time will be trying to take a more relaxed approach to this trip and hanging out at Ft. Wilderness.

Group: Me, DW, DD (9), DS (7)
8 nights at the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness
2 Days MK, 1 HS, 1 AK, 1 Epcot

I big thank you to everyone who has helped me plan over the past year. Hard to believe the countdown is down to 1. I hope everyone enjoys the report.


I am so excited! I hope you have a great trip and can do a report! Yay!!!

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Have a great trip!!


Have a fantastic time! If you don’t keep up live, you can still report back after.


I can’t wait to follow along!!! Have a great trip!!!


Yes! I am looking forward to this, perhaps as much as you are:) I had to cancel my June trip which included a first time stay in a cabin at Ft. Wilderness, so please be sure to tell us more about your accommodations and the resort. Wishing you and your family a magical vacation!

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Will do, this is our first time as well. Will definitely let you know what we think of it.


Yay! Can’t wait to follow! Have a great trip!

Off and running! So trip here was very uneventful and made me feel comfortable. Masks at Columbus Airport was 90%+…Orlando seemed pretty good as well while walking through. Definitely higher than the 70% estimate i saw a couple days ago.

Getting luggage was simple… But got lost going back to ME… Oh well, small bump.

After a 30 min wait, we are on ME and heading to Ft. WILDERNESS


have a great time!

FW! Yay!

Yay!!! Have all the fun!!!

I can hardly wait for more report!

Alright, arrived at the Fort! Quick summary.

Check in was easy, but no cabin or golf cart available at 1130. Took internal transportation down to get lunch. Ate, toured the new horse barn (awesome!) and checked out marina.

Came back to check in area to get golf cart… Alonh with everyone else… 30 min wait in the direct sun. Still no cabin… Drove around a little longer and finally saw our cabin in MDE… But no text, never did get one.

I will say, not the best resort to not be able to get a room early at. It was pretty hot and no where to really go for relief. But hey, they delivered what was promised, a cabin by 3.

Cabin is nice. Extra room is great. Ds7 loves the swampy area behind, been hunting gawd knows what all afternoon. Nice that they are not trapped inside all the time. Deck is nice too.

Atmosphere is not too Disney, and we do notice a difference vibe than we are used to, not better or worse, just different at this point.

Amazon prime now delivery was mixed good and bad, but overall did the job.

Quick swim and now Going to get food and relax for the evening.

Magic Kingdom tomorrow!


when we flew out of cmh Thursday, mask comoliance was definitely better than it was on the 9th, that was encouraging!

Have an awesome trip and enjoy the low crowds!!

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As with some resort categories the feeling is that you’re transported not to Disney, but elsewhere. Pacific Northwest, South Pacific, New England, etc.

As you say it’s a different theming.

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As a family who loves the mountains and spends quite a bit of time in the Smokies, my son has said quite a few times… This feels like Tennessee, not Florida. He’s right, kinda does. We have seen enough deer to make it feel like Tennessee as well.

On the not too Disney comment though… Some do a nice job of transporting you to a different place, yet still mixing in a great Disney vibe. Port Orleans comes to mind as a spot that does a great job here. This just doesn’t feel like that. Jusy feels like the difference place. Which is fine, going to be right in the middle of it tomorrow.


In boat line at 810. On boat by 830. Quick ride to MK. Temp and security a breeze.

Onto 7 dmt and a walk on at 850. Off before 9. Walk on at HM. 5 min wait at BTMR and 5 to 10 on splash. Snack break at 10 and have done those 4 in first hour. Awesome atmosphere.



i love those shirts!