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I have a booking at WDW and staying onsite.

I understand that I can make restaurant bookings at 60 days, for the entire 10 day stay.

Does anyone know if you go through and add all reservations for 10 days and complete or, complete each booking for each day individually.

My concern is that if it is like a shopping cart. I add day1, day 2, etc. But when I checkout, some of the earlier times will have been booked by others.

Hope that makes sense.

You complere each one individually and will get a separate email confirmation for each.


When your booking window opens, you’ll be able to make your ADRs for each day of your stay that morning. You will book each restaurant separately. For example, you might book Topolinos for 8AM for day 7 then book Jungle Canteen at 8PM for day 1. You’ll complete each ADR booking before moving to the next. Book your hardest to get ADRs for the end of your trip and book those first before booking the easier to get ADRs.


Thank you. A lot has changed since the last time I went and want to make sure that I know what I am doing when the 60 day mark comes.

On a related point, do you know if the firework packages can be booked using this process online? I am going to be visiting from the UK so calling the telephone number will be very expensive. Ideally, I want to place all bookings online.

I am thinking Seats & Treats, Rose&Crown and then Brown Derby (to get priority for HS fireworks).

I would appreciate any thoughts, tips on how hard this will be as, the Rose&Crown one for Epcot fireworks I would like to get for the same day as my son’s birthday.

Thank you

The phone line from the U.K. is free and they usually answer pretty quickly too. 0800 169 0730.

Welcome to the forum!

There are no fireworks at DHS.

I believe I’ve read that Rose and Crown doesn’t have the best viewing for the nighttime show. You want to be somewhere that you can see the ‘tacos’ straight on. Standing near Japan gives the best viewing.

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Thanks, I meant the Fantasmic show for Brown Derby.

I am ideally looking for solutions that do not involve waiting for 60 minutes to get a good spot. So happy to pay premium for dining options to address this and appreciate guidance.

The last time in WDW was 2006 and a lot has changed. Far more up front planning.

Fantasmic isn’t back yet. When is your trip?

Last 2 weeks of July

There are going to be a lot of liners around! Myself included. I wouldn’t bet on it being back by then.

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Thank you, that will be a shame but still a lot to do.

We would book the Brown Derby anyway so, if it is back, hopefully they will still give the priority access passes.

If it is not on, no worries.

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You’d have to rebook as a Fantasmic package if they were released when you already had a booking, just so you know.

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I’ll be there then as well!

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to provide insights.

Over the last few days I have been checking to see what restaurants are available when bookings open for 60 days time.

Is there a reason that SciFi diner, Space 2020, Rose&Crown Fireworks or Seats & Treats never has available times, or is it that people are super fast clicking at the same time within seconds of bookings opening?


Yes it’s because you can book for length of stay so the most popular restaurants are booked before it gets to your 60 day mark - because it’s someone else’s 60+ 5, or 10 etc.

Thanks, you are so quick on responding :slight_smile:

Any recommendations on best strategy when my 60+10 comes up to try and secure these 4?


You can see the tacos just not the stargate. This is the view:


Book those toward the end of your ten day trip so you’re closer to the 70 days out. Also though, the rose and crown fireworks wasn’t available even 60 days out for my June trip. They seem to drop that one at random times and a bunch of days at once not according to the 60+10 rule. Sooo here I’d recommend a reservation finder. I got a text at like 1:30am when they dropped the spice road table one about 58 days out or something from my reservation finder.

Also there is something called a leading reservation you can do as well. There is forum post all about how to do it.

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I use this reservation finder because you can just pay for one or two and not a monthly fee and because it includes the dining packages that some of the other reservation finders do not

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