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You’ll get a text and/or email like this where you can click the link and finish booking and notice it became available at 1:40am for me! Not the 6am drop it’s supposed to be as I’m only one hour different than WDW

And 60 days out for my date should have been April 18th but Disney dropped it on April 23 so there was no +10 advantage in this one at all. This was only 55 days out.

Thanks that is helpful and a really good tip on a resource.

If I can’t secure what I am after at the 60 day mark, I will sign-up.

Thank you to everyone who provided guidance.

Good news I have managed to book all that I was after (Seats & Treats, Space, Scifi to name a few).

However, there has been no availability for Rose & Crown Fireworks (including 10 days out that I can book).

I spoke with Disney and they said nothing had been booked since 13th July (which is the last day any booking for Rose & Crown Fireworks (or regular), Coral Reef, etc are available.

I am hoping it is because they have not been released. However, I was wondering if any of the special festivals at the time meant they were reserved for other reasons?


There are a few things not available at 60+10 at the moment - LTT and Jiko for sure. I think they haven’t been released. Firework packages are often delayed.

I am having difficulty booking fireworks cruises at 60+10. CMs have shared that the booking option just isn’t available yet.

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Just checking dining today and only 2 restaurants show availability in the 60+10 window. It looks like Disney have issues with the dining booking service.

Yes it does. It said down for maintenance for me earlier - it is now at least searching but not finding anything.


Thanks to everyone for the useful feedback.

The magic happened today. I had all the restaurant bookings plus Seats & Treats locked in for my 14 day stay…except the Rose & Crown Fireworks for the day of my sons 14th birthday.

I was checking everyday in case it changed. I called Disney twice and they advised nobody had been able to book. One even phoned the restaurant to see what they could find out.

I had given up as now 30 days before my visit so I had booked Coral Reef.

Today, I received an email notification on my smartwatch from the Touringplans alert I set-up. I quickly logged in and was able to book the Rose & Crown fireworks for my sons birthday.

Very happy, now I can relax (until the daily fun of Genie+).