Resort only cancellation/modifications and FP

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How many days out are you? Did I miss that?

So on Saturday I was 60 days out from my check in at the resort. Check in 11/30-12/2. Fp only available through 12/2. Last day at parks until 12/6, but I will be off site the remainder of trip. So in order to make 12/3 pass they said I had to be on the resort until 12/6. If not, to book 12/3-12/6 I had to wait until 30
Days out. So the lady suggested I make a reservation for entire stay, I was able to make fp, and she said call back when your like 25 days out, and modify your stay back to 2 days, and you passes should remain. So that’s where I am now :disappointed:She never mentioned the rolling days rule, from what I understand now, she wouldn’t have.

I was just trying to figure out if she suggested it so you could do FPs in the future or if you already did it. So this happened yesterday? Do you have Frozen Ever After FPs that you are trying to keep?

Yes to Frozen. I’m mean it’s not the end of the world if I lose them. But it does kinda feel like it lol oh well… lesson learned.

Sorry, yes to yesterday and it’s all booked now. I posted on here after the fact… just wanted a little hope I guess.

If you didn’t have Frozen I was going to suggest you just modify now and do one day at a time to take the worry away. It is much easier to make FPs 50-60 days out but you will lose that Frozen one if you do that so don’t modify yet! I would try to modify first online when it is time and if it does not allow it- call and be very firm- do nit allow them to cancel and re-book!

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Thanks! I’ll still report back when it’s all over and done with… hopefully in my favor. If not I’ll title it “cautionary tale” lol

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You have a great attitude and it will be magical no matter what!

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OK, I have read what you have said in this and other replies this a bunch of times and have come up with a different interpretation each time. That’s what I get for thinking too hard… :smiley:

After careful deliberation, I think that what you are saying is as follows:

  1. At Day 60 for an on-site stay I can book for the length of my stay PLUS any days before that. For example, if I have a 1-night stay starting December 1, then on October 2 (Day 60) I can book FPP for December 1 and 2, PLUS October 2 through November 30.
  2. If I have an on-site stay, I can book FPP for days after that stay at Day 60 for the day in question. Continuing with the above example, if I want to book FPP for December 3 I can do so on October 4, for December 4 on October 5, etc. Essentially, as long as I have an open on-site reservation within 60 days, I can book FPP 60 days out.
  3. The only other limitation to this is the number of days of tickets I have - with a 7-day ticket I can only book 7 days of FPP reservations no matter how many days are open to me for booking.


Also, based on the above, there is no “+10” limitation like with ADRs, correct?

Finally, back to a situation similar to the OP’s question. Say I have booked my FPPs at 60 days, but then after Day 30 for the last FPP has passed I cancel my on-site reservation because I got a great last-minute off-site deal. As all FPPs are within the 30 day off-site window, will they still stay on my MDE account?

1, 2, and 3 and all sound correct to me, as far what the others have said. That is how I understand it now. (wish I had known before hand -_-)
and my situation unfortunately hasn’t fully played out just yet. I will find out in November when I modify my 8 night stay back to a 2 night, if they will honor my fast passes. But the way you explained it, is how I hope it plays out.

Yes, I have landed in a place where “rolling fast passes” is my best explanation. There is a limit of a maximum of 10 days booked and possibly if you have a 10 day ticket you have activated it may limit you to the next 14 days (expired after use). During my Labor Day trip I booked FPs for 58 days after my trip with my AP. After my trip my FP days reverted to 30 days but those FPs remained until I cancelled them.

There is a limitation. If you have a 15 day stay, on FPP day (60 days to checkin in), you can book 10 days of FPP (if you have that many ticket days). That would be 60+10 days. If I have a 5 day stay, I can book 60+5 days. I don’t know what happens for any days past the first 10. Maybe they open as they come into the sliding 60+10 window.

I have no idea how cancelling a reservation affects FPP. I’ve never had that situation, so I’ve never tried to find that answer.

(A summary of the FassPass rules as I understand them, in Quiz Form)

What days can I book FastPasses for:

  1. Do you have a ticket or an annual pass?
    No: You can’t book a FastPass. What you you doing here?
    Yes: Go to 2.

  2. Do you have a Disney resort reservation with a check-in in the next 60 days?
    No: You can book FPP any of the next 30 days. You can book for as many days as you have tickets. If you have an Annual Pass, you can book 7 days.
    Yes: You can book for at least the next 60 days. Go to 3.

  3. When is your Checkout day?
    60 days or less from now: You can book for the next 60 days.
    More than 60 days from now: Go to 4.

  4. How many days on your reservation?
    I’m a baller. More than 10: You can book FPP for the next 70 days.
    Less than 10: You can book up to your checkout day.


OK, I think I’ve got what you are saying. Say I have a 14-night stay starting December 1 and checking out December 15. On October 2 (Day 60), I can book FPP for the first 10 days of my stay, December 1 through December 10. (This is similar to ADRs, except it is 60+9 as opposed to 180+10.)

After that, the subsequent days presumably become available on a day-by-day basis until I can book through my check-out day (e.g., I can book December 11 on October 3, December 12 on October 4, etc.) Is anyone able to confirm that it works with this sliding “60+9” window?

Your whole day should open up but you will only be able to book 10 days of FPs (maximum amount). You can book any 10 days.

okay for all who were wondering what happened:
Today I am officially 16 days out, and I decided to call today to modify my 8 night stay to a 2 night stay. I called the Disney resort line, and she(CM) had to call the resort to make sure it would be okay to modify the stay to a shorter visit. She got approval. I then asked about my FP, and she said it was a different department.Since I am at work, I told her I would check MDE account and call back if I had any issues. SO FAR SO GOOD! My FP stayed intact!
But for future, I will make sure I do not do this again! lol I would not recommend this route, I’ve had so much anxiety over this!

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Can I just point out, to anyone who may be worrying about this…

If you have 14 or 21 day tickets (is this just for uk visitors?), you can book fps for ALL those days at 60 days out from your checkin date. This worked fine for me. Having read these posts I assumed I would only be able to book for the first 10 days but found they all opened up. And yes, I have fps for every day.

Everyone was mentioning a 10 day limit, but is this just because that’s the longest ticket you (i.e.: from the us) can book?

Watch it closely. I have heard it looks fine for the first 24 hrs and then falls off. I have not done this recently so I don’t know for sure. Just heard something like that on some podcasts but maybe that refers to a complete resort cancellation and not just dropping a few days.

Yes for sure, I’ve checked it like 5 times already lol
I only had a resort only reservation, no vacation package, and they said my fp are linked to my tickets… but they (cm on phone) say a lot of things, that’s how I got here in the first place lol
Crossing my fingers everything will be fine. One more day of anxiety sounds like! :neutral_face:

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