Resort only cancellation/modifications and FP

Is it safe to say, that if I modify my 8 night stay to a 2 night, after the 30 day window, my fast passes will stay intact? I have a resort only reservation.

It is a rolling 60 day window for FPs. If you have a ten day ticket and only two nights onsite at day 60 your stay and the 69 days before it open up. The day before your stay the next 60 days (even past your stay) are open.

The danger is if they cancel your stay (which cancels your FPs) and then add your new stay.

Disney cast memeber told me this morning that you can only book 60 days for as many days you are staying in resort. So for any other days I’d have to wait the 30 :expressionless:… I’m so confused :frowning: ,

That may be the official policy- but did someone on the phone tell you that (it is a call center)?

It is a 60 day window that opens and stays open throughout your stay. If you are staying off site right after an onsite stay you can book FPs one day at a time at day 60. If you have an offsite stay before your onsite stay all 60 days, which would include your off site stay, open at day 60 (allowing you to book your offsite early). You can only book as many days as you have tickets and tickets expire 14 days after first use so I do not know if you have to keep in that 14 days but it is a 60 day window.

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Ya the disney call center… every one I talk to has something different to say…

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I am staying 1 night at a Disney resort, then staying off-site for 7 more days. At 60 days before my resort stay, I could book FPP for my check-in day, and my check-out day. Day T-60 was a Sunday. Then, on Tuesday, I could book for the day after my check-out day (Day 3, which was 60 days in the future at that time), and then Wednesday, I could book for day 4, then day 5 on Thursday, and so on to the end of my 6 days of tickets.

The call center doesn’t seem to know much about how things actually work.


Well the cm told me to go ahead a book for more days at the resort, which I did, and since it’s a resort only reservation, she said to “modify” back to my two original nights, after I’m in the 30 day window( like 25 days out), and my fp should stay intact… I’m hoping that is what will happen :confused:

Please report back after you do this. I am very concerned that others have had issues trying to reduce a reservation. I believe there have been change fees but maybe that is only for packages since you can cancel a room only up to 5 days?

Absolutely! :slight_smile: I will let everyone know my experience… thanks again for y’alls input!

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Someone this week on the Forum was told by a CM that she could book FPP for her whole stay despite only staying 2 nights. When she tried it didn’t work. She called up and they booked her FPP over the phone. Though I don’t think she has access to change her FPP yet.


I believe this was Disney’s intention and the “official” policy but often MDE limitations create loopholes that allow you to work outside the official policy. Actual use in MDE is as @capn_ed and @PrincipalTinker said. I had a 11 day trip I needed to shorten down to 8 days due to the early arrival of my baby niece. It was a headache and required a manager over ride to reduce instead of cancel. They wanted me to rebook as @PrincipalTinker mentioned below and I would have lost my discount and FPP reservations. Good luck! Be firm but kind and escalate to a manager as needed.

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I have been struggling with this. Are you hoping to book FEA for one of the days you will cancel? That is the only reason I can see for not just having the correct stay and then book one day at a time at day 60 for your off site stay.


I agree. It really is a risk. In my case we had a genuine medical event vs just trying to get a FPP advantage. They might not be as accommodating without a seriously good reason for the change. Then they could force you to cancel and you would lose everything pre booked.


My issue is: that’s not what I was told by the CM. I called twice to confirm the rules of making my fast passes, both times I was told I didn’t need more than one night stay and i could make all my fp through as many ticket days that I have… up ton10 days, and all could be reserved at day 60. The last CM didn’t not explain that I can book days out one at a time… I was basically told I there were no other options. The only option she gave me was extends my days and that I could modify later , which is what I did at this time, modify only, same resort reservation #. I’m not trying to play the system, but I was given false information is what is seems. At this point the damage is done, all I can do is hope for the best, and hope they honor my reservations.

The people you talk to when you call Disney are not all Disney employees. I’ve seen it mentioned a number of times that they don’t always know what’s what, and they won’t necessarily volunteer information that will help you. I’m sorry you didn’t get good information from the people answering Disney’s phones, but I’m not exactly surprised.

If you are staying in a Disney resort for 10 nights, you can book 10 days of FPP on day 60. If you are staying 5 nights at a Disney resort, you can book 6 days (5 days + checkout day) on day 60, assuming you have enough ticket days. If you are staying at a Disney resort for 11 nights, you can book 10 days of FPP on day 60.

If you stay one night, you can book FPP on day 60 for the check in day and the check out day (which is day 60+1). For day 60+2, the day after check out, you have to wait until it’s 60 days away, and each subsequent day can be booked 60 days in advance, for as many days as you have park tickets. That is how this actually works in reality.

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Thanks. I didn’t realize they were not actually disney employees. This is our first trip. This is all new to me. I tried to be as proactive as I could. I don’t know if we’ll ever make a trip back, so I wanted to get as much out it as is could. So hopefully when I do call back to “modify” they will take pity and honor all my reservations.

Also, your second scenario is my scenario, just wish I would have known that information before hand. The lady on phone said… I could only book 60 days out for the two days I’m staying, all other days since I’m off site will have to wait the 30 day window…

That may be what they’re supposed to say, or maybe it’s the the official policy but not enforced. I don’t know. All I know is how it actually worked for me.

I had read that you could book all your days at 60 days out with a single resort day, but when I went searching for confirmation about 2 days before FPP Go Day, I found the real information. I wrote a post on the TP forums describing how it works for others.

I think the forum is a better source of real-world information than Disney.


I believe you. Where is this forum?

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It’s here. We’re on it. We are on the TP forums right now.

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