Resort Guest “wellness” checks and quarantine

On the WDW website, under the “Things you need to know” page, it specifically says the following:

“Before traveling to Florida, please make sure that you have reviewed any advisories or restrictions that may be in place for travel to Florida. Visit for information. Guests who are under isolation or quarantine orders must not enter Walt Disney World Resort.”

Given they will have your home address, they could therefore refuse to allow you to check in if there are restrictions still in place.

On the same page it also says

“ Persons who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a 14-day quarantine, or are under quarantine orders must not enter Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney World Resort Guests may be subject to additional screenings. Before you leave home, please check the temperatures of everyone in your party—including yourself—as an extra layer of precaution.”

I know there was discussion over whether the quarantine was being enforced. Thought this would be useful.

I’ll highlight it in my pinned re-opening thread.


I read that Universal Studios will be doing temp. checks at their resort check-ins and if you are ‘fevered’ you will not be allowed to stay. While WDW resorts are encouraging all to use virtual check-ins to avoid contact at front desk and doing temp checks at park entrance.

  1. What if a hotel guest registers a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater?

  • If a guest registers a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater upon check-in, they will not be allowed to check-in until they receive medical clearance to do so. The rest of the guest’s party will be allowed to check in. We understand some guests may feel they have special conditions, which we will consider upon request.
  • If a guest registers a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater anytime following the check-in screening, they are required to self-quarantine and seek medical attention. The hotel will follow medical professional’s recommendations as to whether the guest can safely remain on hotel property. An additional guest room may be provided for other members of their party and they will still be able to move about the resort as they continue to successfully undergo temperature screenings.

I am struggling to understand including Connecticut in that exclusion. Another liner posted this website

They said that Florida was going to use this and 500 cases per 100k. I don’t believe that is true. That would exclude 17 states plus DC (last week it started at 13 states). The only factor Connecticut is showing #3 in is deaths.

considering that most states are opening right now, people are going to be exposed to others with covid without their knowledge. I imagine the state quarantines will be lifted soon.

I think it’s fair to say that DeSantis will be lifting the restrictions soon. He wants the tourism dollars desperately, and he approved the theme park plans knowing they would be opening soon. It would be counterproductive to approve the plans and then limit the ability of people to come. Especially since NY/NJ is one of the biggest visitors to Florida.

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I think it was discussed on chat that the state is not using those numbers. Certain counties in Florida are. Orange County didn’t appear to be one of them.

I know the state is not using the 500 but I think @Nickysyme posted wdw’s rules as of today and Connecticut is not allowed. My point is- that makes no sense, no matter what number you look at. That chart has updated real numbers. Connecticut is not in the top 3 for cases (total or per 100k).

I posted in anothet thread but this is how I understand the quarantine order 20-80.

The quarantine order should expire on July 7th. The executive order for the quarantine states that it should expire with executive order 20-52 or if the gov decides to lift it. The 20-52 is the declaration of the state of emergency. That was originally set to expire on May 8th but desantis extended it for anotherr 60 days. So now that is set to expire on July 7th. The quarantine order automatically extends with it. Both could be extended however but i doubt it. It could also be lifted earlier if he chooses.

It is crazy to keep it goingvat this point. Those states seem to be no longer a threat to florida. They are reporting less cases per day than florida at the moment…here in NJ we only reported a little over 600 cases yeaterday, florida over 1200. I live in jersey and have Aug reservations so will be watching this closely.

As far as using the case rate by state as a measure. Some counties had adopted that standard with thier plans when they started openeing of short term rentals. The state executive order will still hold precedent though.

Apologies for correcting you but I live in Jersey - an Anglo-Norman island (45sq miles) off the coast of France in the English Channel and not New Jersey. Jersey has had a 14 day quarantine on all arrivals to the island since March. We go to level 2 this Friday - all shops open, limited schools, opened boarders. Population of 110000 deaths 30 confirmed cases 312.

I have September reservations so am waiting for US to open boarders and UK FCO to change it’s instruction on foreign travel, as well as airlines restating their transatlantic services.

Just waiting to see if I will even be able to fly!

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No apologies needed. Think we are speaking of 2 different quarantine orders. I was speaking about the quarantine order Desantis imposed specifically on the states of New York, New Jersey, Conneticut and Louisianna in the US. These states are required to quarantine for 14 days if we visit florida. Wasnt speaking to international quarantines. Havent heard anything about those being lifted.

My correction was about ‘I live in jersey’ and then I thought you may be interested in how things are going on the east side of the pond - nothing between Jersey and New jersey except a whole load of Atlantic :smile:

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Hahaha yes. We never say new jersey around here. Just plan old jersey. Forgetting that there actually is an island of that name. We to speak in as few words as possible when ever possible. Even worse for me cause I grew up in Philly (philadelphia) so phrases get blended as well. :laughing:

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My mother was local and did not speak English until she was 5 and went to school - she was fluent in French and Jersey French (a variant of the Norman-French dialect which true French speakers cannot understand :grinning:) and English. I am fluent in English, can just about understand French and can cope with swearing in Jersey French. I like to use as few words as possible (my science background) so I do understand but as I work for government I also like accuracy :smiley:

Agreed. My english is much better when I am working at the hopsital or when taking to my employees or clients. :wink:

I am fortunate enough to be working from home, during the pandemic - our guys are working from 3 different sites - work 1, work 2 and home - easy enough if you are in government I.T. so still on full pay! Must be really difficult for those that do not have that capability/furloughed, have been made redundant. The sooner it can be made safe to ease restrictions the better.

As a FL resident, I share this link with you FYI