Request Standard King Bed?

Anyone had any experience or luck requesting and receiving a standard king bed at PoP?

I will let you know on 11/14.

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This November will be our 9th stay at POP. We have requested a king bed 7 of those 9 times. We have been given a king bed at check in 3 of those 7 times and 1 of those 7 times, we were able to move to a king bed after the first night. the other 3 times we were not able to get a king bed.
We were only successful getting a king room when we booked standard and made a king bed our ONLY request (called and added it to our reservation since it is not a choice during on-line check in) AND when we did on line check in, we did not make any other requests. Making king bed your only request gives the room assigner the biggest allotment of rooms to choose from.
POP only has 144 king bed rooms, out of those 144 king rooms, 63 of them are handicap accessible and a king bed is a bookable category for handicap accessible requests.
The preferred pool room category has very few king rooms and the standard room category has the most so depending on which room category you are booked, you may have a better chance. Making king bed your only request (added to your reservation) and not making any other choices during on line check in gives the room assigner the biggest allotment of rooms to choose from. Once you start asking for a specific floor, view or era, it limits the choices tremendously.
Good luck and pixie dust for a king bed!


Thanks for the good information. I did call and had the king bed request added to our standard room reservation. We noticed some are located on the back side of building 3 in the 50’s section and had thought about requesting one of those room numbers but you think it would be better to just let the standard king room request ride without specific room numbers? Thank you.

I would appreciate it and enjoy your trip!

Adding more than one request- especially to one that isn’t granted 100% of the time- is, IMHO, pushing your luck- but your mileage may vary. We focus on one thing- and one thing only- and king beds are hard to get (unless you have a handicap). The PP said the king bed was their ONLY request, and it was filled about 50% of the time. I certainly wouldn’t add a location request when someone with this level of experience with your exact question has had limited success asking for just the bed.

Good thing is that standard is the largest room category but once you check off 50’s during on line check in, you have just cut your chances of getting a king bed down tremendously since the only 2 lake view buildings in the 50’s are 2 and 3. IF a king bed is your most important request, and you are hoping for a lake view, the only other request that I would even think of checking off during on line check in would be “lake view”. That would still open up building 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the room assigner to check for you a king room. BUT that still cuts your chances in half since it will exclude buildings 1, 7, 8 , 9 and 10. It truly depends on how important a king bed is to you. Now, with all this said, our past 8 trips we have not had the luxury of the TP auto fax. We have faxed our own requests though.
If you are going to use the TP auto fax option, you can always go through rooms that you like and show them in the “For our upcoming stay, we’d like to request this type of room:” section ( I think I have 10-12 rooms listed since we are wanting connecting rooms) then in the body of the fax where it says: “Additional Special Requests:” section you could list your requests in order of most important and say something like: Our main and #1 request is a king bed. We would love to have a lake view in building 3 but if there are no king beds available in building 3, any lake view king room would be perfect and if all else fails and there are no lake view king rooms available, a king room anywhere on the resort would be great, we just really want a king bed :smile:
I think, if it were me, I would leave King bed as my ONLY request, I would not check anything during on-line check in and I would use the TP auto fax with something similar to what I just wrote in the body of the fax and list several king bed rooms with a lake view in several buildings.
This is exactly what we are doing this year for connecting rooms.

You can even leave off the NW, SW, W, etc, facing rooms in your room choices. Here is the text that I just got a response on from len:

Hope this helps :blush:

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Wow! You have been so helpful and I appreciate the tips. Definitely will be putting all of your great advice to use. This will be our 10th stay at PoP but we have always shared with our daughters. They both are married and will have their own rooms so we thought a king bed would be a nice change. We spent 9 trips crammed into a double bed and my husband tried to find sink space in the bathtoom with 3 women. If the king bed request falls through we will each have our own double bed which will feel like an upgrade! Thanks for taking the time to respond!

anytime! Have a great trip and pixie dust for a king bed!
I sure wish we were getting one this time but a connecting room with a king bed is way too much to wish for!

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