Renting Points safely

Curious if anyone has rented points directly with renter and if they use a contract? My neighbor mentioned the possibility of having extra points that they can’t use. We usually rent through Davids, but might be a better option, if it can be done safely.

I have rented points directly from a lady who others here have used (she isn’t part of these forums, but people from these forums have rented from her). She was recommended to me by a fellow liner. Anyhow, the lady used a contract. The whole thing went pretty smoothly. We wanted to rent at Boardwalk, and she had points there, so it was a good fit.

I think the trick is making sure you have some level of trust there. While I didn’t know this lady personally, since others had dealt with her to the point of recommending her, I felt pretty good about…especially with the contract.

I should note that this lady did NOT rent her points at any discount compared to using David’s, etc…but the convenience of knowing she could book what we wanted at 11 months was a nice advantage.


Thank you. Good point about owning the right resort. Think they own beach club and we are hoping for grand Floridian so likely wouldn’t work out anyway. Was also thinking neighbor could make a bit more and I could pay a little less.

I have rented a couple of times from the same woman as @ryan1. A formal contract and half payment might help?

Also, once you have a reservation linked and it is less than 30 days you should know you are safe!

Finally, there usually are no changes or cancellations in these rentals.

Less than 7 months, if the new inventory helps, could work at GFV.


oh yeah, this is April 2023, so hopefully that means all those units are available , and no construction in sight

If it’s neighbor I would hope you’d be fine - you know where they live.

Since the new borrowing rules went into effect I rented points off of a Facebook group- it was under the 31 day mark- and I took a risk - that said it was a small risk for 2 nights in a studio…had things gone to shit we would have skipped lunch at space 220 and stayed at the B.

I am not a fan of renting points, as the owner retains complete control of the reservation -I think most Liners get this and it’s IMO a huge deal…I also dislike it from the owner perspective. Twice I have tried 2 rent out confirmed stays that were booked but our plans got side railed. The people that responded were expecting travel agent type services- (ADR,FASTPASS ect)

Understand it’s a BIG risk- even using David’s ect…during the shutdown it was a mess for many owners and renters with impacted reservations.

DVC specifically says that a member renting out points must use a contract.

I agree with others who have suggested this is to cover themselves should something goes wrong. DVC will not get involved at all, and I guess insisting on a contract emphasises that point.

So if anyone offers to rent you points without using a contract I would decline.


I would also be careful about the mixing business with friendship/neighbors. Could be messy if things went sideways.


So my wife just mentioned having interest in BW, since its so close to Epcot and HS. Zero pressure, but would you be comfortable sharing her contact information? Is there a private message feature on touring plans where that information would not be for all eyes?

Sure. I’ll PM you.

That owner also owns at GFV, BLT, and Kidani.

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A quick question about renting points from the owner’s perspective. I have points I would like to give to a friend (no renting, no contract, I understand the risks…etc). In order to do that, do I book the reservation under my name and add them as additional adults/kids to the reservation? Or Do I make the reservation all within their name and I stay off the reservation entirely?

Make the reservation in their name. Then give them the reservation number to link in their MDE account.

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