Renewal of Cancelled AP

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What are the wait times like for initial call? I tried first via email; but that did not work. Just got a reply saying they are not selling APs. Mine expired in November 2020. If current border restrictions lift; I’m hoping to go in June & December…and TBD.

My call from start to finish was about 52 minutes.

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Wow you got off easy. I’ve not had any less than 90 min. Averaging 2+ hours. :joy:

I’m guessing people had better things to do at 5pm on a Saturday. I was surprised too. Most of my wait was for general ticketing. The wait when I was transferred to the AP group was much shorter.

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Here’s my recent experience with this in case it helps anyone: DH and I had platinum APs that we canceled in August for a refund. I called the passholder line on 2/17 to try to purchase a new AP, but because of heavy call traffic got a hotel CM who couldn’t help me. I called again on 2/21 and talked to someone at passholder services who verified my eligibility to renew and had me added to the call back list to purchase new APs. She told me the wait time would likely be a month. I got the call on 3/2 and was able to purchase APs at full price (Edited: 1272.68 each with tax). They will begin when I activate and have a current expiration date in MDE of 2099. Good luck with your purchase!


Oops: renewal price was $1272.68. I had a partially used ticket that they applied toward my purchase which gave me a few dollars off.


I just renewed my annual pass that runs out the end of March 2021. I was told the new one automatically kicks in. My question is, do I still have to have it activated or is it essentially an extension? I don’t want to have to go they the hassle of guest services

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this was in my confirmation email…
Delivery Method

Your renewal pass(es) will be automatically added to your account and will take effect after your expiration date. Simply continue to use your current Magic Band or card.

I don’t know if that means I’ll have to go to GS later?

I just purchased 5 new ones that were canceled around June. I wrote an email explaining that I had canceled them and I was a DVC member. They gave me a number to call and then was told I would receive a call back within 24 hours, it took 5 min. It’s different than the usual:
You have to pay for it all up front-no monthly payments. About $900 (DVC new) same as I paid last time.
No gift cards could be used.
It has an expiration date of 10 years. Of course one year from when you initiate it.
I received about 52% back(117 day and days left) from my last purchase so I feel like they are doing a pretty good job.


I qualified and am on the list for call back! Only a 19 minute phone call total. (Called AP line)


DH was on hold with the AP folks for 18 minutes this morning, then talked to an CM who said we qualified to be put on the list for a determination of whether we could purchase APs based on our cancelled ones during the Covid closure. They said they would get back to us in 7 to 10 days.

Hope this is good news? Maybe it’s 7-10 days rather than a month because it’s easier for them to say “no” than to say “yes”? I am ever hopeful.


I got an answer immediately this morning when I called the AP Line at 7:30 EST. We are eligible for the reinstatement, and the price is the same price we paid for our last AP’s (the ones we cancelled).


Hopefully they are getting more efficient.

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Does anyone know if you can purchase Tables in Wonderland with the new reinstated AP’s? (ETA: I forgot to ask AP CM this question.)

I’ve seen people post on chat that they are not allowing any purchases or renewals for TiW which really sucks.


I agree. For us, it’s one of the biggest advantages of the AP because at most, we have gone to WDW twice per year, so ticket savings is not that great.

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I know without TiW or the dining plan my eating habits will be very different on my next trips.

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Hi! When you said you got an answer immediately as yes, do you also mean that you were able to purchase immediately then as well? Or that you would get a phone call back within 30 days?

Does anyone know, if I have an unused 7-day PH ticket would I be able to apply the value towards a re-instated AP?