Renewal of Cancelled AP

I’m looking to renew my cancelled AP from during the closures. Does anyone know if this will just be an inactivate AP or will the 366 day start ticking? Ideally I’d prefer the inactive version so that I have maximum flexibility for when I’m ready to use it.

I think if you qualify you can buy a new AP, which will start when you activate it at the gates. But you won’t get the renewal price.

A renewal always starts from the expiry of the old one.

They don’t let ppl buy new ones but will reinstate an expired and/or cancelled one on a case by case basis. Have to call in.

Right, but if it is full price, will it basically be a new purchase and still need to be activated? I’m actually on the phone trying this now, so I’ll ask when I get them. I was just trying to find out ahead of time.

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Ahhh… they couldn’t locate my DHs expired one and I still have to go to GS w/ the physical card to see if we can REactivate it.

Most people I know whose had either expired or been cancelled during the closure have been allowed to buy new ones.

They didn’t get the renewal price, they had to pay for a new AP, whether Gold or Platinum. And they don’t start until activated.

You can also renew as normal, but you must have an active AP to be able to renew.


The CM in general ticketing told me the evaluation is taking about a month btw. I’ll try to put any information I find out in this thread.

Turing into a weird version of a trip report…


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Yay. The AP hotline just verified this. I’m renewing for my wife as well.
They’ll call in 7 to 30 days (sort of a large range there) to complete the process after they evaluate.

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I’ve just seen someone on Mouseowners say they were told it was taking a month now in many cases to get the call back on eligibility.

But well worth it if you are eligible, which is fairly clear cut.

You either had an AP that expired after the parks closed
You cancelled an AP between the parks closure and the end of September deadline and got a refund.

Hang in there!


Is this the criteria? I’ve asked more than once and the CM will never tell me how they determine if someone is allowed to reinstate an expired AP… why can’t they just say it out loud ?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It’s the criteria as told to lots of people by both DVC Member Services and the AP helpline.

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Hmmmm, the AP helpline was not helpful w/ me then :upside_down_face::wink: about AP stuff… soooo many hours on hold… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:

It was the general ticketing CM that went through those scenarios with me. The AP CM pulled up my AP and @alpha_foxtrot, they were filling out a form, that the pass would not be active until first used, and I would be called after they evaluate my case.


Thanks for everyone’s expertise :kissing_heart:

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I am in the same situation as you. We cancelled our AP’s and got a refund. I would be interested to know the price you paid for the new AP? I can’t find a price on the website (I keep getting redirected when I click on AP’s). We have a resort reservation for May 2021, and may be going again in March 2022. It might be worth it to get the AP’s, and we would get a higher room discount as well.

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It should be whatever the rate was last changed to for the Platinum, which should be $1,195+tax. That said, I don’t know for certain because I haven’t paid anything yet. I won’t know how much until they call me back and finish the process.

Ultimately we may not even be back this year, but if it isn’t activated and they raise the price I’ll be able to save some money down the line.

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Thank you!

I just paid 650 and change to renew my gold card. New it was 811 in 2018.

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